Day 2 of a small tour in North Thailand

We started out small tour of North Thailand in Nan and travelled to Chiang Khong along the Mekong River. When arriving the day before we had a great view over the Mekong River and Laos at the other side. But as it is the cool season there is an lot of fog in the early morning, so our view was reduced to about 50m. After a simple but good breakfast we continued our journey along the Mekong River to the Chiang Saen, the Golden Triangle, Mae Sai, Chiang Rai and finally Mae Salong. A trip of in total 242km in the most northern part of Thailand.

The Golden Triangle is where Thailand, Myanmar and Laos meet along the Mekong River, and area that was formerly famous for the opium trade. From here we continued to Mae Sai, the most northern point of Thailand and border town with Myanmar. The main street is a busy place with markets and shops where you can buy anything from cloths to food, from fake antic to fake electronics. As it was lunch time we had lunch at the Thailands most northern resta…

Day 1 of a small tour in North Thailand

Nan is a great starting point to travel in Northern Thailand, so we started our journey from Nan to Chiang Khong in the early morning. A beautiful trip of 264km thru rough mountains, small villages and bypassing stunning views over the mountains of Phu Lankha. We took route 101 from Nan to Tha Wang Pha and Chiang Kham. High in the mountains along route 1148 we made a stop at Magic Mountain Coffee Shop for a good coffee and an even better view over the mountains and valley bordering Laos. After a coffee we continued to Chiang Kham where we did stop for lunch and a visit at the beautiful teak-wooden temple Wat Nantaram build in Burmese Shan  style. We then continued to Chiang Khong, along the Mekong River, from where you can cross the Mekong River to Laos. Chiang Khong is a nice small town on the doorstep to Laos, with small restaurants and nice hotels right along the Mekong River. And in the weekend there is local WalkingStreet Market. We are now at almost the most northern part of Th…

The Rice Field Project Part 11 : Getting water

As part of Living in Thailand, the Rice Field Project follows our journey of buying land and preparing it for building our house. This is part 11, to read the other parts click Rice Field Project.

Thailand is (or was) considered to be a cheap land for living. And that is partly correct but you also get less. Like our land that is only 200m away from a village but did not had electricity or water. To get electricity did cost us 25.000 Thai baht. For what has been delivered it was cheap but in my home country it would have been provided by the government free of charge. OK we now electricity, but how about getting water? There are 2 options (the third options is to do both) :
Get connection to the public water system of the village. This will probably mean we will have to pay for the pipes to our land, about 500m. The connection to the public water sounds great but does it always work? And is the water always clean? Until now the village has voted against it because they are afraid if m…

Visiting the Wat Phuket in Pua

The Wat Phuket is located a bit out of Pua town in Nan province - North Thailand. And as all Pua is located on a hill you have a stunning view over the valley of Pua. Now in June it is not yet so green but when the rice-fields are all green is must be really a stunning sight. But besides the great view I think this temple is more a kind of commercial tourist attraction, more donation boxes as monks. There is also an school for monks and a kind of home-stay at the temple. And a kind of OTOP shop that sells local made hill-tribe cloths. See Wat Phuket in Nan - Thailand.

Selfies in Thailand

When traveling and visiting tourist attractions one my favourite things to do is ... making photos of people making selfies. And well in South East Asia there are many people making selfies. Like this Chinese lady in Ayuthaya.

Visiting Phi Ta Khon Festival 2012 in Dan Sai

I am just back from a great weekend at Dan Sai to watch the famous Phi Ta Khon festival in Dan Sai. This time (2012) it was held from Friday 22 June until Sunday 24 June with the boiling point at Saturday 23 June. There are many Thai people coming from the local area but also many Thai from Chiang Mai or Bangkok. And even quite a few Western tourists come all the way to watch the big parade on Saturday. And not only for the festival, but Dan Sai is located in a beautiful mountain area of Loei province. I did go a few times to this festival, see my other postings at Festivals in Dan Sai.

On the motorbike from Mukdahan back to Khon Kaen

We did ride from Khon Kaen to Mukdahan along the Mekong River. After we checked in at River Front Hotel we took a shower and made a small walking tour in Mukdahan. First we did walk along the riverside with the IndoChina Market. As it was weekend it was full with Thai tourists. I actually do not understand the fun of it, because it are all the same things you can buy on many markets and some things even in BigC. And maybe cheaper! For more motorbike trip reports see Motorbike Trip Reports.

After the riverside we walked in direction of the "Tower of Mukdahan". This is a view-point tower with a museum of the local area. Walking along this road we passed "River City Hotel" that at first looks like a brand new (high-rise) hotel. But at a closer look it seems more a newly renovated hotel. A beautiful modern lobby and not so expensive at 750 Thai baht for the standard room (lower building) and 950 Thai baht for the Deluxe room in the higher-rise building. Rooms look OK b…

Travel Tips : How to book your hotel?

I did write about hotel bookings before but due to some people asking about it again,  here again some tips about how to book you hotel in advance. While traveling you need to sleep somewhere, most times in a accommodation like Hotel, Guesthouse, HomeStay, Resort or Hostel. Of course you can just not book in advance and have the freedom of going whenever to wherever. Just walkin and ask for a room. The place could be full or you could be charged a price that is higher as when you would have booked it in advance via internet. Or you could be wasting time of your holiday looking for a place to sleep.

So where & how do you book accommodation in advance via internet? Straight at the hotel website or via an Hotel Bookings website? There are many pro's and con's for each option. What I personally do is first look on AGODA * because they have a nice map to find hotels. To be able to check the price be sure you enable the option TOTAL PRICE (= price incl. tax and service charge).…

A great afternoon at Ubolratana lake

A hidden treasure of Khon Kaen province in North-East Thailand is Ubolratana lake. About 50 km north-west of Khon Kaen city. With on the east-side Bang Seang 2, with bamboo restaurant rafts along the lake where you can eat & drink. My favourite place to sit and relax and watch the sun go down over the lake. The lake is about 20km long and a few km width.

A collage of traveling in Thailand

A collage of photos I made while traveling in Thailand in the past years. From a express boat in the klongs of Bangkok and Khmer ruins in North-East Thailand to Pattaya bay and the Ancient Salt Pits in Nan - North Thailand.

Travel Tips : Just say NO to any kind of entertainment with animals

Traveling is not always only having fun and forgetting your ethnic standards. Unfortunately while traveling you will see people showing animals so you can make a photo with them or hold them. Or you will be offered to go to shows with tigers, elephants or crocodiles. All this animals are most times not taken care off very well and should be living in their natural habitat.

The slow loris is a famous cute little monkey that is being abused for financial gain, just like tigers, elephants or snakes. Behind the cute little face goes a ugly business of animal cruelty. Just as with any animal entertainment.

So whenever you are offered anything that uses animals as entertainment just so NO! Have a look at the video of The Truth behind the cute slow loris and you will understand why.

But it is not only about the slow loris but also about snakes, dolphins,  crocodiles, elephants, dogs and tigers. Just say NO! As some tourist business learned that tourists do not want to be part of abusing ani…

Sunset in Krabi

I love sunsets and sunrises so here a beautiful sunset seen from the beach in Krabi, South Thailand.

Good morning Thailand at the first day of 2561

Good morning Thailand! At the moment of posting this from our home in North Thailand it is 6:45 at 1 January 2018 (in Thailand 2561). I hope you all had a great New Year party. And I wish everybody a healthy & happy 2018 and may you travel like Michael Palin or Paul Theroux. I hope you enjoyed my travel blog in the past years and hopefully we will be meeting each other in 2018 at my travel blog (or Facebook page The Little Elephant In Thailand). And please share my postings with your friends or review my Facebook page.

Currently it is here 17℃, slightly clouded and a little bit foggy. A perfect cool season day in North Thailand, it promises to become a great day!

The Rice Field Project Part 10 : Building a wall

As part of Living in Thailand, the Rice Field Project follows our journey of buying land and preparing it for building our house. This is part 10, to read the other parts click Rice Field.

As our land is partly along land that is used as small farm for 2 cows and a few chickens we want to have a wall along this part instead of a bamboo fence. It will be 21m long, about 1.70m high and will be plastered on only 1 side of the wall. The wall & poles will be re-inforced into the ground with cement and gravel. And the top of the wall will be re-inforced with steel. So what do you need for this and how much does it costs?
1 Cubic meter of sand                                      = 1.800 Thai baht1 Cubic meter of gravel                                   =   700 Thai baht400 Cement blocks a 7 Thai baht per piece     = 2.800 Thai baht8 Cement poles a 150 Thai baht per piece       = 1.200 Thai baht10 Bags of cement at 115 Thai baht per bag    = 1.150 Thai baht80m of thick steel wire        …

Sunset at Pla Deang lake at Phetchabun

What an amazing beautiful & peaceful sunset at this small lake (reservoir) just west of Phetchabun city. In the afternoon people come here to sit, eat & drink with their friends. Or go fishing ..... and drinking.