Dinner at Huean Chao Nang Restaurant in Nan town

Huean Chao Nang Restaurant is located right along the Nan River, along a stretch where are a few more other restaurants. A great location to sit, relax and enjoy a sunset over Nan town while watching life on the Nan River. They offer delicious Thai food and their speciality is a set of Northern starters. Highly recommended!

Information of Huean Chao Nang RestaurantOther side of town along the Nan River, NanOpen hours : 12:00 - 22:00, but best to arrive at 17:00Kitchen : Thai foodWebsite : Huean Chao Nang RestaurantSeating : OutdoorsParking : On site

Train stations, next stations are along the western line

All aboard! I love traveling by train, especially in Thailand where it is like traveling in time. Like you are in an open-air museum. Not only the trains itself but also the train stations. They look like they have not changed since they build the first railway lines in Thailand in 1889. All photos are probably from 1998 when I was traveling in Kanchanaburi and took the train from Kanchanaburi to the end station Nam Tok. Photo above is probably in Kanchanaburi town. Photos under are probably along the railway from Kanchanaburi town to the end station Nam Tok. Last photo under is the tourist steam-train, probably at Kanchanaburi main station.

Cooling down at Hat Nam Pua in Pua

Hat Nam Pua is located in a small valley at the foot of the mountains of Doi Phu Kha where the Pua Rivers flows. Hat means beach, although of course it is not a real beach. A great place to sit, relax and enjoy outdoor life in the cool climate of the mountains. Be aware that Hat Nam Pua is not within walking distance of anything.
Information of Hat Nam Pua Location : Along the Pua River near Ban Na Fang, about 10 km from Pua townFacebook : Hat Nam PuaRestaurant : Yes (Thai food only)Parking : Yes

Day 8 of Voluntary Self Isolation at StayHome

As there will not be any traveling in the next few months I will update you about living in Social Distance at StayHome during the Corona Crisis. I started this StayHome thread on 22 March 2020 but since 15 March 2020 we are in a kind of self chosen isolation, we only go to town for shopping. This is Day 8 at 29 March 2020. Photo above was made at 23 March 2020 on 8:00am. Do you see the mountains of Doi Phu Kha? Well me neither. Have a look at the photo below to see what you could see 2 days earlier. That photo was taken on 21 March 2020 on 10:00am. Here you can see at least the first mountains, while on a good clear day you will be able to see 3 more mountains behind that! Thanks to lack of law enforcement, lack of education, greed and just plane stupidity people keep on burning remains of harvests, garbage and whatever is in the way. We can see the mountains burning, we can smell the smoke from small fires nearby. Local people are in the long term killing themselves, their family a…

Staying at Kin Lom Chom View Resort in Pua

Kin Lom Chom View opened its doors in 2018 with only 4 bungalows / rooms and is located in between the rice fields of Pua, with a huge garden and view over the mountains of Doi Phu Kha National Park. All rooms are modern & comfortable and have private bathroom with shower, air-conditioning, fridge and private balcony. The all resort is very well taken care off and there is friendly & service minded staff. But be aware that it is about 4 km to Pua town and there is no public transport. Highly recommend!

Information of Kin Lom Chom ViewBetween the rice fields, 3 km north-east of Pua townFacebook : Kin Lom Chom ViewParking : Cars on private ground (not covered)Room rate : 800 - 2.000 Thai baht incl. breakfastNumber of rooms : 3 Deluxe, 1 Family (max. 6 people) + TentsBooking : Via Facebook messenger or telephoneTIPCheck available accommodation atBOOKING or AGODA

Cakes at In Nan Coffee Shop in Nan town

In Nan Coffee Shop is in a house with big garden right along route 101, just before coming into Nan town. They serve Hot & Cold drinks and home made cakes, both indoor or outdoor in the green garden.

Information of In Nan Coffee ShopAlong route 101 opposite the 7-11Opening hours : 10:00 - 18:00Kitchen : Hot & Cold Drinks + CakesFacebook : In Nan Coffee Shop

Day 6 of voluntary Self Isolation at StayHome

As there will not be any traveling in the next few months I will update you about living in Social Distance at StayHome during the Corona Crisis. I started this StayHome thread on 22 March 2020 but since 15 March 2020 we are in a kind of self chosen isolation, we only go to town for shopping. This is Day 6 at 27 March 2020, but as I write this in the early morning it is actually about yesterday. Photo above was taken near our house, just after last rice harvest.

As far as I understand the situation at the moment in Thailand is that all non-essential travel is not recommended. All non-essential business are closed. All borders are closed, except for essential travel. Numbers of COV19 are rising, number of deaths is still 4 (but 12 cases marked as severe). Number of discharged cases is slowly going up (in China 90% of hospitalised cases are discharged now after about 3 months). In the meanwhile more and more hotels are closing temporarily, something I think should have been done at lea…

Staying at Baan Suan Nai Fun Homestay in Pua

Baan Suan Nai Fun Homestay openend its doors in 2017 on the edge of Pua town on a hill with a stunning view over the mountains of Doi Phu Kha. Baan Suan Nai Fun Homestay consists of an main house (Puttharaksa) with 2 rooms (only one has air-conditioning) with private verandah (max. 6 adults and 4 children). In the tropical garden next to the main house are 2 bamboo bungalows (Dokkeaw & Dokmali) each with private verandah  and each for max. 2 persons. The host of Baan Suan Nai Fun Homestay is a lovely local Thai lady who speaks English very well and who knows everything about Pua & Nan. A great location to explore the area of Pua. Booking of Baan Suan Nai Fun Homestay can only be done by telephone or Line (see their Facebook page). Be aware that Baan Suan Nai Fun Homestay is located a few km out of Pua town.

Information of Baan Suan Nai Fun HomestayAbout 5 km east of the center of Pua town, along route 1081Facebook : Baan Suan Nai Fun HomestayRoom rate : 1.500 - 5.000 Thai baht …

Having a shake & cake at Cafe Sod Gong Dee Coffee in Nan town

Cafe Sod Gong Dee is an open-air Coffee Shop and is located right along the Nan River serving Hot & Cold drinks and delicious cakes. In the evening the serve also small Thai dishes and snacks. A great place to sit and relax between the cool trees and overlook the Nan River.

Information of Cafe Sod Gong DeeRight along the Nan River south of the big bridgeFacebook : Cafe Sod Gong DeeKitchen : Hot & Cold Drinks + Cakes + limited Thai food for early dinnerOpening hours : 9:00 - 22:00Seating : OutdoorsParking : Public parking

Day 4 of voluntary Self Isolation at StayHome

As there will not be any traveling in the next few months I will update you about living in Social Distance at StayHome during the Corona Crisis. I started this StayHome thread on 22 March 2020 but since 15 March 2020 we are in a kind of self chosen isolation, we only go to town for shopping. This is Day 4 at 25 March 2020. Photo above was made last year, looking over the village Ban Ket from the Wat Phuket.

Yesterday 24 March 2020 there was an announcement from the PM of Thailand that per 26 March 2020 Thailand would be in state of emergency. This will give the government full power to do whatever needs to be done to control the spread of the COV19 virus, possible leading to a curfew and number of travel restrictions. So within 1 hour we were at the local Tesco-Lotus to do some shopping. Again we were temperature checked. Now I wonder what they do if you have fever? OK they will not let you in, but actually they should warn healthcare officials and have you checked in a hospital. We…

Staying at Baan Suan Hin Hin in Pua

Baan Suan Hin Hin opened its doors in 2018 and is located right between the rice fields of Pua. It is a combination of homestay with a 3-floor bungalow and luxury camping. The latter is great after the raining season and in the cool season. As Baan Suan Hin Hin is not near town. The rooms and camping are offered included with breakfast and dinner.

Information of Baan Suan Hin HinBetween the rice fields of Pua, about 1km from Pua townFacebook : Baan Suan Hin HinRoom rate : 1.300 - 1.800 Thai baht per night per personNumber rooms : 2 at 1.800 Thai baht per room incl. breakfast and dinner (max. 2 persons)Clamping : 2 at 1.300 Thai baht per tent incl. breakfast and dinner (max. 2 persons)TIPCheck available accommodation atBOOKING or AGODA

Lunch at Khao Soi Ton Nam Noodle Restaurant in Nan town

Khao Soi Ton Nam Noodle Restaurant is in Thai just called Khao Soi Ton Nam and is located near D-Best OTOP Market just 100m before the Wat Ming Muang. Khao Soi Ton Nam is serving the best Khao Soi, a northern style curry noodle dish served with chicken or beef. Khao Soi Ton Nam was established about 45 years ago and 15 years ago it was taken over by the same sweet ladies of Hot Bread that is next door. And they are still serving the same delicious Khao Soi by the same recipe of the original owner, a little oil and freshly made chili paste. And still at the same location, it has become a institution of Nan town, not only for the delicious Khao Soi but also for the friendly smile and information about Nan province.
Information of Khao Soi Ton NamNear D-Best OTOP MarketOpening hours : 8:00 - 16:00Kitchen : ThaiParking : StreetAir-conditioning : NoSeating : Indoor 

Day 2 of voluntary Self Isolation at StayHome

As there will not be any traveling in the next few months I will update you about living in Social Distance at StayHome during the Corona Crisis. Photo above was made this morning on 23 March 2020 when there was an US Air Quality Index of 112 and a pm2.5 level of 40.2 µg/m3. Since about 15 March we are in a kind of self chosen social isolation, we only go to town for shopping.

So we enjoy each other 24/hr per day, look TV, play Facebook, chat via WhatApp, Line and Messenger with friends all over the world. And we did some shopping to create an emergency stock with water, rice, pasta, soap, etc. In the meanwhile there are people who still think it all is just a bad flu and that the world is overreacting!
So what is happening in Nan province? Of course all information I now give you I have via Facebook friends in Nan.  Huai Kon border is closed, only cargo transport is allowed to be passing after medical check.Road blocks are set up at the only 3 entrance roads of Nan province. The idea…

Having lunch at Rai Ton Rak Organic Farm Homestay & Restaurant in Pua

Rai Ton Rak Organic Farm did open in 2017 but came to full use in 2018 with an organic strawberry farm in the cool season and an organic rice farm in the raining season. But it is not only a farm, it is also a boutique homestay, restaurant and coffee shop. There is a a open-air restaurant with private sala's between the teak trees and the farm land. They serve Thai & Western food and drinks for lunch and dinner. As boutique homestay they have currently 2 teak wooden rooms between the teak trees and 1 small house overlooking the organic farm. But they are expanding with 1 more teak wooden bungalow to come soon. A great place to sit & relax while enjoying your food or drink. Be aware that Rai Ton Rak Organic Farm is a bit on the outskirts of Pua town, about 500m from the main road.

Information of Rai Ton Rak Organic FarmLocated about 2km south of Pua town (500m from route 101)Facebook : Rai Ton Rak Organic FarmHotelRoom rate : 2.500 Thai baht (2 persons) or 3.500 Thai baht (…

Day 1 of voluntary Self Isolation at StayHome

As there will not be any traveling in the next few months I will update you about living in Social Distance at StayHome during the Corona Crisis. Photo above was made last year and is a view of the peaceful valley of Pua. Last year when life was still normal, full of wild dreams. Who could even thought in his worst nightmare that we would be going to be living like this now? And here in Thailand at this moment of 22 March 2020 this is just the beginning. Warning this is a long ramble of my thoughts.

How did I get here? Since medio 2000 I am living in Thailand and since 3 years I am living with my wife in North Thailand. In January I went on a 22 days tour to Vietnam & Cambodia. But after 10 days I got sick and had to cancel the all trip. I did fly back to Thailand asap and did stay in a hospital in Bangkok for 4 days. After that I did fly back to North Thailand and I had to take life slow for a few weeks. That is fine as life here is slow anyway. So that was already a great start…

Relax at Toob Nam Pua Beach & Camping in Pua

Thru a small valley at the foot of the mountains of Doi Phu Kha the Pua Rivers flows and along the Pua River is Toob Nam Pua Beach & Camping with a lovely recreation beach & camping ground setup by a local lady. With a few tents on bamboo sala's along the river, a simple Thai restaurant and friendly service this a great place to enjoy outdoor holidays in Nan - Thailand. The word beach should of course not be taken literally as there is no real beach, but it is the substitute for beach in North Thailand. Be aware that Toob Nam Pua Beach & Camping is not within walking distance of anything.

Information of Toob Nam Pua Beach & CampingLocation : Hat Nam Pua, about 10 km Pua townFacebook : Toob Nam Pua CampingRoom rate : 350 Thai baht incl. breakfast (tent with shared bathroom)Opening : All year except during the raining seasonRestaurant : Yes (for breakfast, lunch and dinner)TIPCheck available accommodation atBOOKING or AGODA

Lunch at Crossroads Restaurant in Nan town

Crossroads Nan Restaurant openend its doors September 2018 at Chang Puak House but in December 2018 they moved to a new location near the corner of Tanon Sumon Thewarat and Tanon Premprida.  Crossroads Nan Restaurant is serving mainly western food like delicious hamburgers and steaks. So if you are graving for western food this is the place to go in Nan town for breakfast, lunch or diner.

Information of Crossroads Nan RestaurantNear the corner of Tanon Sumon Thewarat and Tanon Premprida in Nan townFacebook : Crossroads NanOpening hours : 8:00 - 21:00Kitchen : Western + Thai foodSeating : Indoors but no air-conditioning

Vanishing buildings in Nan town

I have a personal intrest in architecture and old buildings. So it was with joy that I did receive some old photos from Nan province from Jonathan Stiles who did work & live in Nan during the 1980's. This is a Buddhist school in Nan town, or I should say was. As you might see in Nan town some parts of town have all reasonable new government buildings like the police station, governors house and the city hall. To be able to built this "new" government buildings in Nan town a part of the historical center was demolished, unfortunately also this old school building. The sad thing is that begin 2010s the construction of new government buildings have started about 8 km west of Nan town. So most of the once new government building are not really used anymore, although the police station is still in use. The location tag is the place where I think this building was.

Staying at Yindee Travellers Lodge in Nan town

Yindee Travellers Lodge openend its doors in begin 2018 and is an valuable addition to the choice of accommodation in Nan town. Yindee Travellers Lodge is a modern & trendy hostel with dormitory rooms, family rooms and Double room with private bathroom. Yindee Travellers Lodge offers rental bicycles to explore Nan town, parking (but not on site), Laundry service and Free wifi. Yindee Travellers Lodge has a lovely rooftop with view over the Nan River. If you like smoking be aware that the all property is non-smoking.

Information of Yindee Travellers LodgeRight along the Nan River in Nan townFacebook : Yindee Travellers LodgeRoom rate : 300 Thai baht for dormitory - 3.000 Thai baht for family room (10 persons)Number of rooms : 14Restaurant : NoTIPCheck available accommodation atBOOKING or AGODA

Travel Tips : The Corona Crisis update on 20 March 2020

Warning : I am writing this on 20 March 2020 and the graphic on the left is from 18 March 2020 and comes from the Department of Disease Control Thailand. This graphic is not meant as information about the corona virus. And I am not a medical specialist, so what I am going to write now is based on my own interpretation of the news and medical information that is currently available. For more information about the corona virus in Thailand you might also have a look at Wikipedia about the 2020 coronavirus outbreak in Thailand. Although the TAT still tries to sell the sunny beaches of Thailand they also have Thailand Tourisme Updates. For reality updates about traveling to/from Thailand you could have a look at Facebook from Richard Barrow in Thailand.

Still traveling to Thailand? 
Personally I think you are crazy to travel anywhere at this moment (and for the following months). For safety reasons for yourself and others it might be best to stay where you are.
All land borders (Malaysia, La…

Staying at Pua De View Boutique Resort in Pua

Pua De View Boutique Resort opened its doors in 2017 with 17 comfortable and modern rooms on the edge of Pua town with stunning view over the valley of Pua with the impressive mountains of Doi Phu Kha in the background. Pua De View Boutique Resort has rooms on the ground floor with pool access and on the first floor with mountain view from you private balcony. The superior rooms do have a window but are facing to the backside. Of course all rooms have air-conditioning, TV and private bathroom (shower only). There is a small buffet breakfast in their dinning room, unfortunately there is not yet a full restaurant for lunch & dinner.

Information of Pua De View Boutique ResortNear Wat Phra That Beang Sakat in Pua townFacebook : Pua De View Boutique ResortWebsite : Pua De View Boutique ResortRoom rate : 700 - 1.700 Thai baht incl. breakfastSwimming pool : YesRestaurant : No, but serving breakfastParking : Yes, on-siteTIPCheck available accommodation atBOOKING or AGODA

Lunch at Laap Phet Yaso Restaurant in Pua

Laap Phed Yaso Restaurant specialises in Thai Isaan food and is located near the Shell gasoline station along route 101 in Pua town. And as the name suggests the cook comes from Yasathon in North-East Thailand. Laap Phed Yaso Restaurant may not look much of a restaurant but if you like Thai Isaan food then this is the best place in Pua town. They do so good business that mostly between 15:00 and 16:00 they are sold out! So they do not need more customers, so no Facebook page and not on Google Maps. But just delicious food, might it be a bit spicy. And also serving delicious Duck!

Information of Laap Phed Yaso RestaurantAlong route 101 near the Shell gasoline stationKitchen : Thai IsaanOpening hours : 10:00 - 17:00Seating : OutdoorsParking : On site

Running our homestay during the Corona crisis

Today 18 March 2020 you will be aware that the Corona crisis is going to effect us all, worldwide. We openend our homestay last year in December and for a new homestay we had a reasonable good December 2019 and January 2020. And a few bookings came in for February, March and April.  Being those months the hottest months and with a lot of air pollution we did not think we would have booking in those months. And we thought maybe even close 1 month and to go to the beach with clean air. But then the Corona crisis started outside China and all bookings were cancelled. And we did not care much as we were happy not to have potential health risks. Then the Corona crisis started to hit Thailand seriously and we decided to close our homestay for the next following months and we made the following statement :
"Statement at 16 March 2020 in regards to COV-19 : Until further notice our bungalow is closed until 30 May 2020. Let we all be responsible and minimise traveling & contact, to p…

Staying at Hin Pha Homestay in Pua

The prime asset of Hin pha Homestay is the location in the middle of the rice fields of Pua. There are a few small bungalows, all with private bathroom, TV and air-conditioning. Some bungalows have a private balcony. And in the cool season there are 2 comfortable tents for camping. Of course there is private parking and there even is an kitchen that you can use to make your own local food. Nice friendly people and a great local experience. Be aware that Hin pha Homestay is not within walking distance from anything.

Information of Hin pha HomestayIn between the rice fields, about 5 km north of the center of Pua townFacebook : Hinpha HomestayRoom rate : 1.000 - 1.400 Thai baht incl. simple breakfast & dinnerTIPCheck available accommodation atBOOKING or AGODA