A view over Nan town

Overlooking Nan town from the famous Wat Khao Noi, that actually is called Wat Phra That Khao Noi. When I did go here about 3 years ago there was hardly any parking and nobody to be seen. Nowadays there are 3 parkings (and signs for it), 2 small shops selling drinks and souvenirs and there are of course Thai tourists making selfies. For more information about the beautiful Nan province see Traveling 2 Nan - Thailand.

The Rice Field Project Part 24 : Finally going to start

As part of Living in Thailand, the Rice Field Project follows our journey of buying land, preparing it for building our house and finally building our house. This is part 24, to read the other parts click The Rice Field Project.

The original planning was to have the design papers finished before October 2018 and to start building mid October 2018. But we have been changing a bit of the design and my wife changed her mind about the day to start building. Or at least the day that the first pole has to be erected with a good luck ceremony. So the erecting of the first pole will be done on 8 November 2018. That means that they will start about 1 week before that. As said in the meanwhile we changed some small things in the design and the building permit as been applied and obtained. This week we will get the Construction Contract and the exact price. We started with a house of 1.500.000 Thai baht but we made the house bigger and higher and the price tag is now about 1.620.000 Thai baht. …

Murals at the Wat Si Mongkol in Nan

At the Wat Si Mongkol in Ban Kong (Nan province, North Thailand) is a huge mural showing a huge flooding in a valley. And it shows the people trying to safe themselves and their family. The mural is not old but beautiful made with a lot of detail. Following are 2 more photos. For more information about the beautiful Nan province see Traveling 2 Nan - Thailand.

Repairing a long boat in Nan

You might have heard of the famous Nan Long Boat Races that are held in October & November in the Nan River in Nan, North Thailand. Many villages have their own long boat and some of them are very old. So they need to be repaired sometimes. And this is done by the local people in the small village where I did live once. Mind you this is a wooden boot that can old about 40 people. Following are more photos of this work of art. For more information about the beautiful Nan province see Traveling 2 Nan - Thailand.

Another sunset in Pua

I love sunsets and sunrises .... this photo was made in Pua, Nan - North Thailand at Adonis Coffeeshop. A great place for a coffee, tea or even beer. And for some Thai food as snack. For more information about the beautiful Nan province see Traveling 2 Nan - Thailand.

Visiting the Samakki Tham Religious Centre in Nakhon Thai

The first time passing the meditation temple I thought "What the heck is that?" and I made a quick stop for some photos. Later I returned and took some more time to talk to the people building this. It is really amazing! This is why I love travelling in Thailand ... you find such a special and sometimes weird things along your journey. For building they used cement (no sand or stones) mixed with foam. And it is amazing but this little houses do not have airco and are still cool inside ... while outside 34 Celsius. Also the main building is going to be (is) something special. With a library in the basement and a meditation room in top (heaven) while the ground floor will be lighted by a sky of LED lights in bamboo.

Sunset dinner at the mountains of Khao Kho

We made a trip to Dan Sai & Khao Khao and although it was weekend all hotels & restaurants seem to be in low-season hibernate mode. Our designated resort had even closed their restaurant (but of course still charge full normal price)! So we made an beautiful afternoon tour along the mountains & valley of Khao Kho. And we found Khao Kho Tala Mok Resort & Restaurant with a magnificent view of the valley of Khao Kho .... and they had not closed their restaurant. So it was beer-time (unfortunately not wine) and some Thai snacks to be followed by a great dinner to watch the sunset. A great place to come back.

A sunset in Pua

Sunset yesterday in Pua, North Thailand overlooking a small river where if you look good is someone fishing in the river. For more information about the beautiful Nan province see Traveling 2 Nan - Thailand.

Visiting the Wat Phasorn Kaew in Khao Kho

Along route 12 between Lomsak and Khao Kho is a beautiful temple build in Gaudi style. It is a meditation center (thanks Kees) thatwas when I visited it the first time partly still under construction. The temple itself is beautiful decorated with colourful mosaic stones. And it is located on a magnificent location on a small mountain with in the background the huge mountain range Phu Hin Rong Khla. For more information see Wat Phasornkaew . Following is a serie of photos. See also Re-visiting Wat Phasorn Kaew.

A day of the famous Nan Boat Races 2018 in Nan

Yesterday 13 October 2018 it was the 2 years memorial day to honour King Rama 9. And in honour of King Rama 9 there was an procession of old long-boats on the Nan River, just 3 km south of Nan town. Besides the procession there were also boat races. Each race is held between 2 boats and over a distance of 300m. There are about 20 villages representative with their own boat, some of this boats are more as 100 year old. And the boats are called long-boats because they are long and some of them can hold 40 people. Following are more photos I made yesterday. For more information about the beautiful Nan province see Traveling 2 Nan - Thailand.

Visiting the mountains of Khao Kho

Khao Kho (Mountain of the Ceylon Oak) is world famous in Thailand to visit in the months November and December because of the natural phenomena of valleys filled by clouds that make the valley look like a "sea of clouds" , talay mok in Thai. Besides that it is just a very beautiful area with mountains, waterfalls and many nice resorts & restaurants. A great place for a long weekend holiday. Also for mountain-bikes and hiking it is a great area.

The area was originally famous for being a communist stronghold and the war that has been fought there. As reminder of this you can visit "Khao Kho Memorial" and "Khao Kho Weapons museum". Seeing both now I had very mixed feelings about this "war against communism" in Thailand. Were this not just Thai people with a different political / ideologically view? And was the fear of communism not only created by the good old USA out of their fear of the domino-theory?

I was on the motorbike and for motorbike…

Visiting a jungle market at Khao Kho

A jungle market at the view point when you are entering Khao Kho from Phetchabun. Selling fresh local vegetable, herbs and coffee-beans. As origin a market place for the local farmers and hill-tribe people living in the mountains to sell their products. Of course nowadays more & more becoming a kind of market for tourists. And in the weekend it can become busy here with people from Bangkok.  There even is a local restaurant, although due to hygiene I would not recommend to eat there.

Travel Tips : Travel Advisory Thailand

In my blog are many travel advisory postings, this one is about traveling to Thailand in general. Most people will probably look for travel advice at the website of their home country. But how correct and up to date are they? As living & traveling in Thailand for more as 20 years I have my own opinion about traveling in Thailand and that is not always the same as the travel advisory  from some countries. Why? Well because I think that first of all the relevant department might not not have the resource for an truly in-depth research into the ins & outs of the given travel advice. Secondly I think that the relevant department / country wants to protect themselves against claims in case something might happen. Sometimes this is bit a pity as unnecessary negative travel advisory can have a big economical influence on a country like Thailand. There are many travel advisory by governments, travel companies and all kind of other people. First some travel advisory for Thailand from …

Costs of living in Thailand 2018

Sometimes people ask me how much it costs to live in Thailand. Well that all depends of course about how you spend your money. Some people spend a lot of money on entertainment or holidays or do buy expensive cars & motorbikes. So since 2012 I started to make a yearly overview of my costs of living in Thailand. My household consists of my wife, me and our cat. And we are living in simple house in a small village in North Thailand. I like to travel a lot and once in the 2 or 3 years I still go to my home country to see my family. Sometimes I also still like to eat good western food and like to drink a good glass of wine. In short we like to enjoy life but not over the top. For all postings about Costs of Living in Thailand click HERE.

Housing                                                                                                                 = 3.000 THB / month We moved to a new house in another village in Nan province. This is a one-floor house with 3 bedrooms, 1 bathr…

What is in a name?

Maybe it is the gypsy in me but I love traveling and I like to stay in hotels of all sorts. Sometimes I might be a bit difficult customer but that is another story. What is in a name? And I am talking about the name of a hotel. I.m.o. it should be representative for what the hotel is offering. But in Thailand accommodations use the names of their place very freely, sometimes this has to do something in the law of Thailand. So a place that is actually a hotel might call itself a Guesthouse or Homestay. In Thailand the latter is also called Home or Baan. Like Xxxxx Home or Baan Xxxxx.

And to secure SEO of course you put the name of the city in the name of your accommodation. Like Baan Xxxxx Bangkok. Or something in the name the refers to a nearby location. Like Xxxxx Riverside Hotel or Xxxxx Park View Hotel. The latter is a bit weird if there is no park at all nearby. But what is a hotel, homestay or resort? I will discuss the types of accommodation used in Thailand.

In Thailand the na…