Travel memories, Empty beach on Phuket

In the begin 1990's we escaped the cold winter in Europe by going to the beach in Thailand. Most times we would just buy a flight ticket to Bangkok and once there decided where to go Southern East Coast (Koh Samui) or Southern West Coast (Phuket). Sometime we did both. In Phuket we would stay at Patong beach or at Kata Noi beach. Can't remember me the names of the hotels anymore but they are both gone. Phuket has changed a lot since then. Begin 2000's I came back a few times when living in South-Thailand and the last time I was in Phuket for a few hours was in 2017. So busy! What reminded me not to go there anymore.

Travel Memories, a few days at Halong bay in Vietnam

In 2008 we travelled to Hanoi in Vietnam and made a 3 days / 2 nights tour to Halong bay. We did stay overnight at into hotel-boats converted Chinese Junks that would at night gather together between the islands in Halong bay. For me it was the second time to be here and the only thing that changed is that the boats were more comfortable and there were much more boats.

Visiting Doi Samer Dao at Sri Nan National Park in Nan

This week we made a day trip, or should I say night trip, to Doi Samer Dao at Sri Nan National Park. The National Park is just 16km from Na Noi or 66km from Nan townSri Nan National Park is famous for 2 things, Doi Samer Dao and Pha Chu (lovers rock). We did go to Doi Samer Dao what is in the cool season a famous place to visit to watch a sunset over Na Noi, watch the stars (dao) at night and in the very early morning see a stunning sunrise over a sea of clouds above the Nan River. For more information about National Parks in Nan - Thailand have a look HERE.

As Doi Samer Dao is a major attraction point (for Thai tourists) the National Park enforces a entrance fee of 20 Thai baht per person for Thai people and non-Thai are privileged to pay 5 times more (100 Thai baht). Not that the latter was enforced when I did visit Sri Nan National Park. And you pay 20 Thai baht for your motorbike or car.

At Doi Samer Dao is a camping ground where the National Park offers ready build tents for y…

Nan Memories at the Khum Chao Thep Mala House in Nan

Nan Memories to show you old photos of Nan province and to try to reproduce this photos now. Here the very sadly decay of an once beautiful mansion. Although it is currently under some kind of renovation. But this beauty needs much more as just some paint.

Following are some photo I found on internet that are supposed to be from the interior of the house.

Healthcare in Thailand

As part of Living in Thailand I get sometimes questions about healthcare in Thailand. So following is information for expats living in Thailand.

I come from a little country in Europe where having access to healthcare for all people in society is part of society. And I think that is a very good system. Thailand is a little bit different. First of all I am not Thai, but just a guest of this country. In Thailand there is an National Health Care system where people can go to their local hospital and get medical service for almost free. That sounds good but in reality it is not really working. Hospitals are busy, there are long waiting lines and upcountry hospitals are many times far away. And there are not much doctors and nurses working.

But there are very good private hospitals in Thailand if you have money. So when living here you can choose to ignore the risk for medical service and spend your money on other things. But when I moved to Thailand I had what we call an Expat Healthcare…

The Rice Field Project Part 8 : Final things for electricity on our land

As part of Living in Thailand, the Rice Field Project follows our journey of buying land and preparing it for building our house. This is part 8, to read the other parts click Rice Field.

As you might remember we had made electricity connection to our land from the nearest public electricity pole. See the posting Getting Electricity. The final thing to do was now to make electricity from the electricity meter on the cement pole along the road to our land. Two things were important with this installation :
First of all I want all electricity wires to be in the ground.Secondly I want to be prepared for the near future as of what we will be needing. So the first thing to do was to find a shop who would be selling the material we needed and then find people who can install everything. Preferable people who have a license for electrical installation. Well we found both at a local electrical installation company who is actually famous all over Nan province. Amazingly they have a better sele…

Introducing Travel Guides by The Little Elephant

Within this travel blog is so much hidden information that I thought "How to make that easier to find and in a comprehensive presentation?". Well as you might have seen at the menu header a new item has been introduced Travel Guides. A link to a page with Travel Guides by The Little Elephant, based on more as 15 years of travel experience in Thailand. At the moment there is only one Travel Guide about Nan province in North Thailand, but hopefully soon followed by Loei, Phrae, Phayao, Chiang Rai and maybe Chiang Mai or other provinces with my personal favour. Have a look and let me know what you think of it.

A day in Chiang Mai

During my recent motorbike trip in North Thailand I did stay 2 nights / 1 day in Chiang Mai. I have been many times in Chiang Mai, I lost count. Nowadays I come there to enjoy good western food as that is in Nan very limited to get. And this time I went shopping for some motorbike related things. So I choose my hotel cheap, with private parking for my motorbike and near the old center of Chiang Mai. This time it was Imm Thapae Hotel. I still like the old center of Chiang Mai with the small streets, small restaurants and markets. The first evening I had dinner at the always good Chez Marco Restaurant (highly recommended) at Loi Kroh road. The second night I had a much less good experience at another restaurant (no I won't mention the name) but for the first time in at least 20 years I did send it back with the remark to throw it away. I do not know what they did with my Beef Filet but it did look like it was overrun by a truck and it did smell & tasted like it had been in this…

On the motorbike : Small loop in North Thailand

It was time again to extend my Carbon tyre-print so I planned a short week for a small loop in North Thailand. The plan was (but failed a bit) to redo a trip I did last year but due to bad weather the trip last year was a bit foggy and wet. No rain this year but at some points (of course high in the mountains a big foggy). A small loop of total 1091km in 4 days. Following is a trip report with photos. For more Motorbike Trips reports click HERE.
Day 1 : From Tha Wang Pha to Mae Sai I left a bit late at 7:30 in the morning and took route 1148 and had again breakfast at Phu Lankha, also called Magic Mountain. After breakfast I continued to Chiang Kham for a pit-stop at the PTT Gasoline station for both the motorbike and me. After that I took a bit weird route to Mae Sai via route 1020 and somehow I manged to get on route 1290 passing Chiang Sean and the famous Golden Triangle where I had lunch while overlooking the mighty Mekong River. After Chiang Sean I continued on route 1290 and th…

The Rice Field Project Part 7 : Our land has grown

As part of Living in Thailand, the Rice Field Project follows our journey of buying land and preparing it for building our house. This is part 7, to read the other parts click Rice Field.

As you might remember when we bought the land it had a full chanot but no chanot poles as they would get lost anyway at a rice field. So we requested and did  get chanot poles. See Getting Chanot Poles. This was done about 1 month ago and today we did finally receive confirmation of the chanot poles. And to our surprise out land has grown a bit. To be exactly with 1 tarang wha or 4 sqm. This is officially confirmed by change of the chanot paper and with an official addition of the chanot paper with the land design and chanot pole numbers.

This was the 7th part of our ongoing Rice Field Project, to read the other parts click on the tag Rice Field.

A colourful and tasty southern Thai dish of rice

Served at Nan Season Boutique Resort in Nan - North Thailand while we were enjoying a relaxing day at the swimming pool. Beautiful served and decorated with all natural ingredients & colours. And it also tastes delicious (albeit for for me without the chillies). It is called Khao Yam and is a typically Southern Thailand dish.

Rice farming in North Thailand

The traditional way of threshing & cleaning the rice, done in a small village in Nan - North Thailand. To see how it is mostly done nowadays have a look at The rice field project part 3B.

Travel-blog-wise reflecting 2017

So somewhere end of the year it is always time to reflect the past year of my travel-blog. I started this travel-blog in June 2009 as a message to my family & friends and to my own surprise it did change into a blog about Living & Traveling in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia with travel-information about hotels, restaurants, temples and other places of interest. It started as "Walking in the Footsteps of Chang Noi" and it became "The Little Elephant in Thailand". And most of the new postings are about traveling in Thailand only. For all other postings about statistics have a look HERE.

At the moment there are 1574 postings, so I made 214 postings in 2017. That is a bit above the average of 209 posting per year. Posting are about :
88 Tourist Attractions13 Train Stations179 Travel Tips1075 Traveling155 My Life in Thailand57 Motorbike Trips Within top 10 postings are still mostly motorbike related postings. The top 3 of countries of the viewers are USA, Thailand …

Costs of living in Thailand 2017

Sometimes people ask me how much it costs to live in Thailand. Well that all depends of course how you spend your money. Some people spend a lot of money on entertainment or holidays or do buy expensive cars & motorbikes. So since 2012 I started to make a yearly overview of my costs of living in Thailand. My household consists of my wife, me and our cat. And we are living in simple house in a small village in North Thailand. For all postings about Costs of Living in Thailand click HERE (from 2012).
Housing We live in a free standing house with 2 floors and 3 bedrooms and 2 bath-rooms. We have 2 air-cons but only use the one in our bedroom when we are sleeping. In the living-room we use a ceiling fan. We have free satellite TV and the village has no garbage collection. I pay per year, what results in a bit cheaper rental-fee. This is 500 THB cheaper as last year. Total = 7.500 THB / month.
Utility costs We have water from a private water-well, so we do not pay for water. Other cos…

Transferring names

Something I wanted to do a long time ago but I finally did it .... this travelblog is now also accessible via a URL that is a bit easier to read & remember : www.Traveling2Thailand.Com. That will mean I also will change in the near future the logo of my travel-blog.