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On the motorbike making the Bo Klua Loop in Nan province

Reposting from 2018. Nan province is motorbike riding heaven, so as motorbike rider living in Nan province I have plenty of choice for stunning route to ride. The "Bo Klua Loop" is a famous loop to do from Nan town, but I do it from Pya. From where I am living it is only 48 km via route 1256 to Bo Klua, passing Doi Phu Kha National Park and Viewpoint 1715. From Bo Klua I first took the scenic route along the Mea Mang River. This is small road between the rice fields in the valley of Bo Klua and connects to route 1081. I then followed route 1018 in direction of Pua, but about 15 km before Pua I took a slightly different route back home. A few km route 1170 and then short-cut that goes to Pa Klang. Pa Klang is a group of villages created by the government as resettlement for Hmong & Tai Lue from the mountains of Doi Phu Kha. A total of 120 km, perfect for an early morning ride. Following is a serie of photos I made long route 1256 and route 1081.

Walking in Pua

Dear friends do not be shocked but besides sometimes bicycling I also sometimes walk in the early morning. Not only our dog needs it but also my body. So we made a small walk between the rice fields of Pua, and following is a serie photos of course. And while walking you realise there is a detailed system of small waterways to all the rice paddies. There is one small river nearby and from there small klongs (canals) are made to spread the water. Then from rice paddy to rice paddy there are small openings or pipes to move the water from one rice paddy to another rice paddy. An ingenious system of waterways, many years ago made my Tai Lue who settled here in Pua. For more about Pua have a look at Everything About Pua in North Thailand.

An early morning walk in Pua

A few days ago we made a small walking loop near our house. First to the village Ban Hia, crossing the bridge and then walking along the small river and rice fields. Then crossing another small river via a sketchy wooden bridge to another village. From there crossing the main bridge over the small rivers and to the village Ban Ket. And from there back to our house. Of course I made some photos, but as it was cloudy and even a little bit raining so the photos are a bit dark. For more about Pua have a look at Everything About Pua in North Thailand.

The Corona Crisis in Thailand

Writing 3 July 2020 it seems that at some places in the world the Corona Crisis calms down. And looking to the covid-19 numbers in Thailand it looks OK here. But it have been a few months of Staying Home and we had to close our homestay for a few months. We are just opening this month again. And as Nan province is for 95% Thai tourisme we do not really notice that there are no foreigner tourists. And well I did loose a few jobs abroad, and there ain't going to be jobs for me this year. So yes we are effected also and the Corona Crisis did change our life a bit. Like ordering food, we now have FoodMan in Pua and we order many time our lunch. Very easy. And because many people became unemployed in Bangkok, Phuket or wherever also many young people came back to their hometown. Also in Pua you see now more young people and some started a new business here, like the FoodMan. And a few nice new western style restaurants. So it is not all bad and I hope the new business will succeed. An…

Eating a pizza at Daidib Daidee in Pua

Daidib Daidee is a homestay & small restaurant right in between the rice fields of Pua, no electricity and a bit difficult to get there as you will have to cross a small river. Daidib Daidee is created by the son of a local farmer and the all family works together in the homestay, restaurant and of course at the farm. Sometimes they also have water-buffalos walking around. We did go there for a pizza as I did see some nice photos on their facebook page. The pizza is home-made and baked in a wood-fired clay oven. Following is a serie of photos of the all process of creating a home-made pizza. For more about Pua have a look at Everything About Pua in North Thailand.

Second step of the rice season 2020 in Pua

In my serie of farming this week the farmers started with the second step of the rice season of this year. You might remember the posting about the first step where the farmers plant rice on small dry plots of land. Well that was 2 weeks ago and the rice has been growing fast to small size now. So now begins the second step and that is replanting this rice on bigger plot of land that are full of water. Here that is done very carefully and the rice is planted in rows. In the early morning a group of farmers meet to first take the small rice out of the small plot of land and make small bundles of them. Then they are brought to a larger plot of land with water, most times just next to the small plot of land. And then the rice bundles are planted in small parts in a line. After one plot is done the all group of farmers move to the next plot from another farmer. Following are more photos of rice farming in Pua, all made by my wife while having a chat with the farmers. For more information…