A few days in the Isaan

Lam Tha Khong lake near Muak Lek, Thailand

This week we drove to the village where the family of my wife is living. They live in an almost as remote as possible village on the edge of the Khorat plateau. We drove via Khao Yai where we always stop for a lunch. For the best "Mu Han" (BBQ pork) and for my wife the best Som Tam (Pappaya salad). Along the road leading to the national park are a lot of small restaurants selling this kind of food. So we first drive to the village of her parents, we first leave the highway and are passing the huge jail and correction centre build on the foots of "small" mountains that seems to have just "plopped" out of the surface. After a 15min driving over a road that becomes smaller and smaller we also leave this road and follow a sand-path between the rice fields.

One paddy is filled with water and a father & mother with 2 small children are planting rice. They are walking in the paddy field with their foots in the water and under the mud up to their body. They have to bend low to the water to plant the rice and working in the hot sun. Seeing this happening I suddenly realize "I understand why all the young kids are gone from this kind of villages. I understand why the young girls try to find a better future at the Gold Coast of Thailand". The idea was to take the family for a pick nick at a waterfall near Muak Lek "Namtok Chet Sou Noi" (The seven little sisters waterfall). So with a truck-load full of family member we drive back to the highway and back to Muak Lek.

The waterfall it self is not spectacular, but its a nice natural surrounding with 7 levels (or actually rapids). We sit along the first level (but actually the next levels are much nicer) and enjoy the food & beer we just bought. We arrived early and slowly more and more people are coming. Its fun to watch the young Thai girls & boys playing in the water, swimming with all their cloths on. And its good to see the parents from my wife enjoying themselves here.

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