Legal Alien in Thailand Part 2

Street life in Bangkok - Thailand
Street life in Bangkok - Thailand
The feeling that I had become a “third ranked citizen” became upon me 2 years ago while I was in a taxi in my old home country when I was talking to the taxi-driver, a young man from Turkey. Suddenly I realised that he and me have a lot in common nowadays.

When still living in my old home country people like him were “foreigners”, lazy people abusing our welfare system. But now I realise that we both left our home country, the place where our parents were born. We both left it to build a new future in a new home country. We both do not speak the local language very well, despite being there for a long time already. We both do not understand the local culture very well. And we both will still carry our own culture with us. Just like him I knew that life would not be easy in my new home country and that working there would be difficult. I did choose to ignore that. Did I became like that illegal alien in my old home country who after 10 years still does not speak the language of his new home country?

My new home country is not a western country with a good welfare system, I was not send to work here for a boss, I did not have to escape war or other violence. I was not prosecuted for my race, religion or sexual orientation. But still I left the country where I was born & raised, I left my original home country. Just like that taxi-driver. And if it has to happen I can still return to my old home country. I will not die of hunger, war or prosecution. I am born & raised in a tiny European country where my parents were born but since 10 years I finally have the feeling that I am really home. Like a gypsy that has finally found his home.

Sometimes people treat me like I have treated foreigners in my old home country. And some foreigners give the local people good reason for treating foreigners like that. They come with money and think they can do everything or come without money but with a lot of booze and other problems. But most of all without any respect for the local culture. Some of them think it is Disneyland here and behave like that. And with Euro’s in the bank life is good here. Modern colonisation? All kind of things that do not contribute to integration of foreigners and the locals. And while living in a country with a unhealthy fear of foreigners (created by history) and without a good education system (good for the people in power) I can actually understand this. But in a western tiny European country not, right? Almost 10 years home, 10 years from home, 10 years ... somewhere in between. A world citizen?

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