Sangkhlaburi a hidden gem in Thailand

Traveling off the beaten track in Thailand
View over Khao Leam Lake at Sangkhlaburi, Thailand
Although it is already a long time ago that I did visit Sangkhlaburi a few times it is still in my memories as a very special and beautiful place to go. Sangkhlaburi is located along the huge "Khao Leam Lake" and almost at the Burmese border it is about 200 km from Kanchaburi. And it is famous for its Thailands Longest Wooden Bridge (400 meter) connecting Sangkhla on one side of the lake with Wankha at the other side of the lake. When the lake was created the old village of Sangkhlaburi was sunken into the lake as also the "Wat Saam Prasob". In the dry season you can still walk into the temple, but in the rainy season only the top of the temple can be seen and you can go with a small boat into the temple. Other things to do is make a visit to the Wat Wang Wiwekarn with in the middle a huge square golden chedi with hundreds of little Buddha images in it. We also made a day-trip to the nearby 'Three Pagodas Pas" to Burma and we did find 99 monks waiting to be given food. There are plenty of hotels and guesthouses in Sanghklaburi, but be aware that in the weekend a lot of Bangkokians are filling up all the hotels & guesthouses. For dinner go to the floating restaurant on the foot of the bridge. Or in daytime rent a house-boat and order a lunch while on the middle of the lake.

Traveling to Sangkhlaburi in Thailand
Looking thru the window of the sunken temple in Sangkhlaburi, Thailand

Traveling in Myanmar
99 Monks in Burma

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