Staying at Sovann Phum Hotel in Kampong Chhnang, Cambodia

Kampong Chhnang, Cambodia
Kampong Chhnang, Cambodia

Sep'2010 When I arrived at the new part of Kampong Chhnang I first had to find me a place to stay. So I first looked at "Sokha Hotel" (also called Sokha Guesthouse?) but did find it a bit old not so clean hotel and the rooms did smell like someone has been smoking there for the past 20 years (and the location is really out of the way).

So I drove to the river-front area but could not find the guesthouse that should be there, but on the way back over the 2 km long road that connects the new part and the riverside part I saw another new looking hotel called something like "Songsamsern Hotel" but at closer inspection it seems to be a short-time hotel.

So back to the 2 hotels that I saw when I drove into town (along route #5) "The Asia Hotel" and "Sovann Phum Hotel" (next to each other). I did choose the SVP hotel, because it has a restaurant next to it. It's a new Chinese look-alike hotel with about 80 rooms on 4 or 5 floors. Do not take rooms on the top-floor or in front as they are too hot. But the rooms at the first floor are good, not big but clean with TV, Airco and hot-water. The restaurant next to the hotel serves good food for breakfast, lunch and dinner (until 21:00). In the lobby is a computer with free internet. In front of the hotel is free parking, but the hotel has no swimming pool. Price range of 10-15us$.

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