Dinner at Grappa Restaurant in Pattaya

Italian buffet at Grappa Restaurant in PattayaNov'2010 Although it is a more as 10 km drive once & while my wife and me are having dinner at the Friday all-you-can-eat Italian buffet at Grappa Restaurant at Soi 22 of Naklua road in Pattaya (or actually Naklua). The restaurant is part of Woodland Suites and on Fridays they serve a not so big but good Italian buffet with a choice of about 10 starters, 6 main dishes and freshly made pasta and 2 grilled dishes. And then of course a choice of about 10 desserts.
So I started with a assortment of starters with Parma ham, Fresh baked bread, Emertaler cheese, Tune salad, Brie and pate. And  I am a dessert lover and I did choose Coffee mouse, Strawberry mouse and Tiramisu. As of Februari 2016 Grappa Restaurant is still serving a great Friday evening buffet dinner. Still highly recommended.

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