To flood or not to flood at the Eastern Seaboard

A lot of rain at the Eastern Seaboard
Although weather situation can differ from place to place, like in the area of Khorat and Lopburi where days of heavy rain (combined with bad infrastructure management) resulted in the worst flooding in Thailand since decades.

We on the other hand live along the Eastern Seaboard, and in the past months we had very heavy and long days of raining. Actually like I had never seen before in the more as 10 years that I live in Thailand. And yes some parts of some cities nearby had problems of flooding, especially a place like Pattaya that is build between 2 hills (and again in combination with very bad infrastructure management). But most of this problems were gone within a few hours and the damage done was not that big.

Well people who had their car parked in a flooded car-parking under a hotel or shopping-mall will see my words in a different way of course. But the most people here in this part of Thailand are not effected by any flooding here. Life goes on and the streets of Pattaya are filled with tourists.

The current situation is that we still have a bit of rain almost daily (October is the peak of the raining season) and it is a bit cloudy. Currently at 9:30 in the morning it is 30℃ and a humidity of 74%.  But since yesterday there is more wind and even a cool wind. Would it be the start of the cool season?

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