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The most tourists coming to Thailand are exempted from the need of a visa and they will get entry-stamp good for 30-days. That was until the Thai government thought of stopping all those people living here on a free tourist entry-stamp and so they changed the immigration-law a bit. Now only tourists arriving by air will get a 30-days entry-stamp. When arriving over land tourists will get a 15-days entry-stamp. (Update 2019 : But that seems to be changed back to normal again)

When arriving in Thailand as tourist by law you have to proof that you have the money to support yourself during your stay and you have to proof that you will be leaving Thailand before the end of your entry-stamp. In reality Thai immigration hardly every checks this. But as airlines have to transport you back on their costs if immigration sends you back some airlines are checking at least your proof of leaving Thailand again.

As in any country an overstay on your entry-stamp is an criminal act in Thailand and when caught with it while you are not intending to leave Thailand (so not at an immigration check-point) you could be arrested for it. In this regards the immigration-law of Thailand has been changed also a bit, when overstaying for a long time you might end up in jail. So just don't do it! If you are planning to overstay a few days you could go to the nearest immigration office and get an "Extension of stay". If you want to stay longer check you local Thai embassy for a visa.

Once in Thailand it is very easy to cross borders to Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia and even Myanmar (Burma). As same for Thailand the most tourists do not need a visa for Malaysia. But for the other countries you will need a visa. All of this countries have embassies in Bangkok where you can apply for a visa, which in most cases can be arranged in 1 or 2 days.

For Cambodia and Laos you can get a visa on arrival (VOA) when you are entering the countries overland or by air. For Cambodia you can get an E-visa via internet but it is actually an useless exercise as you will still need to get the real visa paper at the immigration check-point.

Address of Cambodian Embassy in Bangkok
Cambodian E-visa
Information about Cambodia Visa
Lao Embassy in Bangkok
Min. Of Forgein Affairs of Thailand (Visa)

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