Visiting Hilton Hotel in Pattaya

After a few months of delays as of 15 December 2010 Hilton Pattaya will finally open his doors for the public. Yet another new hotel in one of the many new hotels in Pattaya? I do not think so .... today I had the pleasure of viewing the hotel (unfortunately it was not allowed to make photo's) and it looks great! And from the most rooms you will have a stunning view over the bay of Pattaya. So for the one's who like to splurge themselves into comfortably luxury there is a new option in Pattaya.

The new hotel is located on top of the Central Festival Pattaya Beach Shopping Mall, so it is only 50m away from the beach. It has 302 rooms with private balcony (some of the rooms also have outdoor bathtub), fitness, spa, outdoor infinity swimming pool and 5 restaurants ..... yes rooftop restaurant "Horizon" with pan-asian cuisine. If they match the "Flow" in Hilton Bangkok then I know where I will have dinner soon. Hopefully next time with some unbiased reality pictures but for now ..... good luck to the all crew of Hilton Pattaya! See Hilton Pattaya

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