Visiting Khao Kheow Open Zoo near Sri Racha

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Khao Kheow Open Zoo is located at Sri Racha but a bit land-inwards, east of Motorway 7. Although I do not like to visit Zoo's as I see it as a jail for animals and their only mistake for being jailed is being cute. Most times zoo's actually do not really take care their animals. But as this zoo is marketed as "open zoo" which should mean that the animals are more or less free I thought I would give it a try. Yes it is a "open zoo" so you can drive in it and around it with your own car. You can also rent electric-golf cars to go around and as far as I remember there is no double pricing system. Some animals are actually still in cage's like tigers and monkey's. The Zoo is huge and you can even stay overnight here. If you come early you can watch the feeding of animals and there are also "Animal Shows". You can even make a kind of jungle Elephant trekking (as I said the Zoo is huge). I actually enjoyed the Zoo and it seems to me that most animals I saw did look healthy and fine, but I am not an animal expert. It is a great day out in a beautiful park and kids will love it too! You can even make an combination a with this trip to this zoo (also called Safari) with "Flight of the Gibbon" to make a 3-km long zip-line tour over 26 platforms on top of the "ancient" jungle surrounding the zoo. I have a small serie of photos of animals in Thailand, have a look at Animals.

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