Staying at Page10 Hotel in Pattaya

Page10 Hotel is a brand new hotel (opening summer 2010) at Soi 10 of beach road, about 100m from the beach road. I did visit it once just to look and did find it a nice, comfortable looking hotel with parking, roof top swimming pool, free Wifi. This week I did stay at the hotel and I am more as a little bit disappointed. First of all because the front-desk staff thought they could give me a bit weird corner rooms. That was corrected, but I had to wait another 30min to check-in to my room (so finally at 14:50 I could use my room). OK the hotel is new, so some problems might happen. But dusty floors, dirty windows? On many places little damages on floor, walls and furniture? A baht room with rain-shower where the water never really flows away? That does not give much hope for the future.

But worst of all (if you want to sleep early) you can hear all the noisy beer-bars in your room like you balcony door is wide open (but is was closed!). Actually I could almost not hear my own TV! When I checked-ou the front-desk staff if the room was fine and told her that there was a lot of noise. Her reply "Ooo room 7xx" .... was it only my room or do all rooms have this problem?

Ok on the roof-top is a reasonable big swimming pool with nice view and deck-chairs and a small restaurant & bar. That is nice. And in the lobby they serve breakfast buffet, although a bit small and simple.

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