Blessing my new motorbike

I did just buy a new motorcycle and just like new cars (or houses) it should be blessed by a monk. So we went to a nearby temple but they told us they "do not do motorbikes" because ladies are sitting on it. But we could go to another nearby temple. So we drove to that other temple where indeed we could have my new motorcycle blessed .... but today was not a good day. We had to come back another day.

Protected from all evil?
So in morning my wife went to a "temple shop" in the village to buy some flowers, some joy-sticks and some small pieces of "gold" paper. At the temple I parked my bike in the shadow under a big tree. One a bit older monk came from his small house and did put all the things on a chair next to the motorbike. Then he started to walk around the bike and sprinkle some water over the bike while with his other hand touching the bike. Then he did "write" some Buddhist marks on the windshield of my bike and he did put the "gold" paper pieces (3) on the windshield. He did walk once more around the bike and then my wife and I had to kneel down to the floor and he did sprinkle some water over us to bless us also.

Now my motorbike (and his riders) are blessed!

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