A day at Wang Nam Keaw

Mr. Mushroom in Wang Nam Keaw - ThailandWhen leaving the resort over the dusty road we first stopped at "Mister Mushroom" which is as the name says a mushroom farm. Here you can see how mushrooms are grown ....  in small bottles hanging in a humid and dark warehouse building. There are many different kind of mushrooms. And of course you can buy mushrooms also. Next to the mushroom farm they also grow vegetable which are also for sale at their small shop. All fresh and no chemicals used! After our visit of "Mister Mushroom" we did go in direction of "Thap Lan" National Park. There was no entrance fee as there was actually no entrance at all. Or it was too early for the park rangers to wake-up? Well it was a good road and a area with beautiful views over the valleys around you and at the peak of the park "Khao Lamang" you are at 992 meter above sea-level from where you have a beautiful view. There is also a camping ground. See Wang Nam Keauw

On our way back we did make a stop at the Thai-famous "Flora Fantasia" which is on the road leading from route 304 to Khao Yai. Too bad that this area is so much over developed. Flora Fantasia is a kind of flower fair from 25 December 2010 until 28 February 2011. Entrance fee is 100 Thai baht (200 Thai baht in the weekend). It is a huge kind of park with all kind of flowers in beautiful decorations like a painting. See Wangnamkeawflora

Mushroom farm in Thailand

View from camping ground