Staying at 3 hotels on Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok

Another 3 hotels at the beginning part of Sukhumvit, I stayed at this hotels mid 2011.

S Sukhumvit Suites Hotel
The hotel is located at the corner of Asoke and Sukhumvit road, a great location as it is only 1-min walk from the subway. It is a new boutique hotel with big and comfortable rooms. Some rooms have a bathroom with view and bathtub. Price is incl. simple but good buffet breakfast. Paid parking at the Interchange building behind the hotel, no swimming pool. The staff is friendly and helpful. Good location and good rooms. See S Sukhumvit Suites.

Grand Millenium Sukhumvit
The hotel is at Asoke, but 5-min walk from Sukhumvit road and it is a luxury hotel with everything you need although their swimming pool is a bit small. Great rooms with bathrooms with a view, bathtub & separate shower, paid Lan Internet and with huge windows to overlook the skyline of Bangkok. They serve a great buffet breakfast and also have 2 other restaurants. Of course they also have a Spa and free velvet parking. Great hotel but a bit expensive. O yes they have a great Spanish Tapas bar & restaurant with a fantastic wine room. When the hotels was new the rooms had nice prices, currently I think they are a bit overpriced. See Grand Millennium Sukhumvit.

Imm Fusion Hotel
The hotel is at Sukhumvit road near BTS On Nut. It is a renovated apartment building turned into hotel with a very romantic entrance with a small swimming pool. But when you start walking to your room you already feel bad vibes. The rooms are a bit small and not comfortable (like a very very small TV) and a very small bathroom. There is no parking. When staying in the room I felt more like staying in a guesthouse and that is not what I paid for.  I will never stay there anymore, but others mights as well like it. See Imm

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