Staying in 4 hotels in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Although it was in 2008 that I did visit all this hotels for the first time, at the end of 2010 all this hotels were still in working order. Of course you could book any of the hotels via Agoda Hotel Bookings in Phnom Penh

The Castle Hotel
It had just opened his doors in 2008. It has comfortable rooms with private bathroom. It is located about 30m from the riverside. They have swimming pool and a roof-top restaurant. The top-floor rooms are a bit hot so take a room on a lower floor! 

Cozyna Hotel
Is a bit older and basic hotel but right on the riverside and much cheaper as other hotels on that location. Most rooms have airco and private bathroom with hot-water. Of course no parking or swimming pool. Not my type of hotel, although not expensive.

The Bougainville Hotel
Is located along the riverside with a bit small but romantic oriental decoration. All room have airco and private bathroom with hot-water. A lot of stairs to walk up to your room (a bit too much for me and the rooms are too small for me). See Bougainvillierhotel

The Blue Lime Hotel
Is a brand new modern (urban) hotel behind the National Museum. The rooms are big and clean but for my taste a bit too modern with all the concrete. I actually was not sure if the rooms were finished already? But they have a nice garden with swimming pool and restaurant. And they location is not bad at all, a bit more in the real Phnom Penh as the riverside. See Bluelime

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