No more cakes at La Baguette Coffee shop in Pattaya

Jan'2011 La Baguette, the French bakery cafe is part of the Woodland group and is located along Naklua road not far from round-about. In short I think it is was one of Pattaya's best coffee-shops. They have both indoor and outdoor seating and serving breakfast, lunch and light dinner until late in the evening. And they have a delicious collection of cakes, although I must say I am a bit disappointed in the chocolate's of them. They serve of course western oriented food but sometimes with an Asian touch. And for birthday parties you can order great Sacher Torte or Blue Berry Cheese Cake. And all their cakes are really the best to be found in Pattaya. So while you are in Pattaya have a try and become a La Baguette junk.

Well their cakes might still be good but their expansion to a new bakery in Jomtien and a new restaurant next door is taking its toll on the HR department and shows of at the way the staff is working. About a year ago I just walked out after 10 min waiting to be served. And in September 2014 I reluctantly visited them again but that was a mistake. Staff is busy talking with each other without even noticing me looking for cake. One girl was actually really working and took my order while the other had a good chat. So next time I want a good cake I will go to Cape Dara Hotel or Amari Ocean Hotel.

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