Moving to Thailand

Monks in Thailand
"There" is not better than "here". When your "there" has become a "here", you will simply obtain another "there" that will, again, look better than "here”. I am now living in Thailand more as 10 years and of course my feeling about living here has changed in the years. First of all because after more as 10 years life here has become "normal" for me. Somtimes I read questions from people about moving to Thailand, or read about their plan about moving to Thailand. Maybe you are one of them? But while thinking of moving to Thailand you might consider a few things .....

OK most people who move to Thailand don’t plan their entire future at one time, because those kinds of people usually wouldn’t move to Thailand in the first place. But while considering moving to Thailand I asked myself a few questions, and of course it's difficult to be sure if you can give straight answers to yourself. But just give it a try; you will never know what you will find out. First of all I tried to realize me the quote that I started this posting with, and as someone once said to me while on tour in Thailand "You are not in love with Thailand, you are in love with Thai girls". Did I try to fool myself by saying that Thailand would be better and that I loved Thailand and not the other thing Thailand is famous for? Well there is only one way to find out and that is just to give it a go. Secondly I tried to measure the value of staying in my home country with a good paid job, friends, family and social security or moving to Thailand. For me Thailand did win, but I also realized that my new home country Thailand would basically give me nothing in return. And that while staying away from my home country in the end I would loose all my contacts with friends, work, business and maybe even all my social security that I had build up in my past live. And of course for the first year or tree, euphoria will make me overlook this, but eventually it will come to everyone. And maybe that becomes a moment that I will have to measure the values again, but then of staying in Thailand or moving back home or somewhere else. That's a choice a lot of us have to make at a certain moment. But some of us cannot cope with this decision and they choose to go back in a body-bag. I did choose to move to Thailand but to be prepared that I maybe would return back home soon again. And I did choose to return home once a year for a reality check and to maintain the ties with back home at least a little bit. Until now that's working out fine for me.

There are lot of things that are good about living in here but I do not have to tell you that, but I would like to remind you of a few other things like,
* No social security
* No "free" health care system (at least not one that is really giving quality health care)
* No "free" education (at least not of good quality)
* Good education is very expensive
* No government retirements funds for everybody
* Most foreigners stay here on a yearly renewable visa, that means any time you could be kicked out
* The government & law is not to be trusted and does not give any long term guarantee
* Foreigners can not and will never be able to own land (same like Thai)
* Foreigners can not and will never be able to own a company for 100%
* Corruption is a part of life
* Even if you get a Thai passport you will still be a "foreigner"

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