Eating on the Edge @Hilton in Pattaya

9 Feb. 2011 my wife and I had lunch buffet at the "Edge" one of the restaurants of the new Hilton Hotel in Pattaya. The restaurant is located on the edge of the 12th floor with both indoor and outdoor seating and both with a stunning view over the bay of Pattaya. It is a bit difficult to find but at the top-floor of Central Shopping mall is an entrance to the restaurant. It costs 300 Thai baht nett excl. drinking of course.

As I see that many people still read this review :
Be aware that I did eat here at 9 Feb 2011 and that many things might have changed, for the better or the worse. I have heard mixed review from friends, ranging from good to not impressed.

On Wednesday the buffet consists of a salad-bar, a bread bar and a main-dish bar with 2 cream soups, 3 different kind of potato and a freshly-made burger counter. And at last but not least a dessert bar with apple-cake, ice-cream and some small desserts like chocolate-mouse and 2 or 3 other things.
Like I said today Wednesday the buffet was like this, but as I understand it depends on the day of the week what the lunch buffet is. Like on Monday there should be a sushi-bar. Well food-wise I was a bit disappointed as of variety and of quality, this specially for the main-dishes and the desserts. OK the price is not expensive, although that is easily compensated by a bit expensive drinks because with a simple Lemon-ice-tea and a Berry-smoothie our bill came to almost 900 Thai baht.

So indeed in compare to the quality of the buffet at Hilton Bangkok it was not what I had expected. But there was something else as food .... service of the staff. Or should I say lack of service of staff. First there was not staff at the counter, then I asked if we could see the buffet and the staff did not take the effort to explain the buffet or follow us. So when we walked to a table a staff said something like "table reserved" although it was difficult to hear her as she was whispering it like she did not believe it herself. As there was not sign of reservation and many same tables free we just took a seat.

And at the buffet I had to remark a few times that some dishes were empty and should be refilled, what was done but in a very small amount. And again my wife had a bit the feeling that we were not HISO enough to serve us properly, a place where rich Bangkokians and foreigners are served better.

So yes I was disappointed food-wise and staff-wise. Maybe I will try it a second time on another day.

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