For your information, Nightlife & Restaurants in Pattaya

Bay of Pattaya, Thailand

Thailand and much more Pattaya might be famous for its adult nightlife scene but with the changing of Pattaya in the past few years also the nightlife is changing. Most of all because there is another audience coming from Bangkok, Russia and India. Although Pattaya is not big there a few different sections of entertainment.

First of all there is the almost world famous WalkingStreet area (closed for traffic from 19:00 until 3:00) with a few soi's like soi 14, soi 15 and soi Diamond where are clustered together the most A-Go-Go bars of Pattaya like "Baby Dolls", "Super Baby" and "Heaven Above". And even a first gay A-Go-Go called "Guy A-Go-Go" has turned up. But it is not all A-Go-Go at WalkingStreet, there are quite a few good seafood restaurants along the seaside (especially at the end of WalkingStreet). And with the new Russian family tourists there are also many lounge bars, just to sit & relax and listing to live music. And if you are into dancing all night long, there are 5 or 6 discotheques along WalkingStreet like Marine Disco 1 & 2, Lucifer and Insomnia. Further along WalkingStreet are also eastern-type lounge bars where you can smoke the water-pipe. The area around the discotheque "Marine 2" is catering to visitors of the eastern-type lounge bars and beer bars.

Then there is the section of "Third road" (Sai Sam) between Pattaya Nua (Pattaya North) and Pattaya Tai (Pattaya South) where are many Thai pubs, karaoke and some very Thai good restaurants. An long-time standing bar is the "Buffalo bar".

Then there is the section of "Soi Bowkauw" and "Soi LK-metro" that is more oriented to western tourists and long-stayers. There are many beer bars, Thai & western restaurants, massage places and even 2 or maybe a bit more A-Go-Go's. Its a long bus street between Second road and Third road leading from Pattaya Klang (Pattaya Central) to Pattaya Tai.

Then there is the section of Pattaya Land Soi 1 and 2 with Boyz Town. These soi's are between Beach road and Second road, just about 400m before WalkingStreet begins. It are mainly gay A-Go-Go bars and a few beer bars and some restaurants like "New Orleans" (serving good Western food).

Then there is the section of Soi Post-Office with some day-time A-Go-Go's like "Champagne" and "Hot & Cold", beer bars and massage places.

Then there is the section of the beer bars of Soi 7 and 8, between Beach road and Second road. Two streets with some soi's and it are all beer bars playing loud music. Although nowadays there are also some lounges and even 2 A-Go-Go's. Of course there are also western restaurants like a great TexMex restaurant.

Then there is the section of Soi 6 (Soi Yodsak) with many closed bars (like "My Friend You" or "Red Point") that all open from 1 in the afternoon until midnight. For the British there is a good restaurant at "Queen Victoria Hotel".

Then there is the section of Naklua road with some spots of beer bars, like "VIP complex". Along the road are also many Thai & Western restaurants and shops. And of course Pattaya's best coffee-shop "La Baguette".

Then there Jomtien, which is actually not Pattaya but it has grown all together. In the beginning of Jomtien beach road are some soi's (like Soi White House) with beer bars and just before the beginning of the beach road is a complex with mosty gay bars, although in direction of the beach there are also a few beer bars. But mostly Jomtien is a family oriented area with many good seafood restaurants, mostly at the south side of the beach road. At the very end are about 3 or 4 good Thai seafood restaurants, they might not look like cosy restaurants but the food is good.

All here mentioned entertainment area's of Pattaya are mainly gathering for non-Thais, although some of the pub's of Third road are gathering for a mix of Thai & Western. There are actually also many area that are gathering to the normal working Thai people with mostly karaokes and restaurants. One of the area's is Theprasit road leading from Sukhumvit road to Jomtien Beach road. But in the small back soi's are actually everywhere some karaokes or fishing-parks to be found.

Have fun, but do NOT DRIVE and DRINK, there are daily deadly accidents and most of them happen at night or very early morning! And have fun ... but use a condom.