Moving around in Thailand

My room in Bangkok, Thailand

Moving around ..... it must be the gypsy blood in me. Medio 2000 I moved from my home country to Thailand. I arrived with 2 big suitcases (that has changed dramatic) an no planning about where to live. Well Bangkok of course as most people like me choose to do. Following is my moving around in Thailand in the past years until now .... begin 2018.

1. Two years Bangkok

The first week I did stay in a small hotel at Ploenchit road, I had worked here the year before and I knew the people there. While in my home country I had met via internet a German guy living at that time already about 15 years in Bangkok. And he invited me to come have a look to apartments at his place at a small soi of Sukhumvit Soi 71 (Phra Kanong). Within 10 min walking from the then new Skytrain line.

View from my balcony at my room in Bangkok, Thailand

It is an older building with 8-floors, it is even a little bit hanging to 1 side like the “Tower of Pisa”. But there was a big apartment free on the 6th floor at the corner. It had a big living room with open kitchen and a big bedroom and a bathroom. Nice wooden floors everywhere and a nice open balcony overlooking the skyline of outer Bangkok. It came with a bit older furniture and cost only 5000 Thai baht per month excl. water and electricity. Of course no airco and no hot-water heater in the bathroom. I liked it so I took it and the next day I went for shopping for things like curtains, towels and sheets for the bed. And of course a water-heater for in the bathroom. For 50 Thai baht per month I rented a fridge, that is all I needed for the kitchen. And a hot-water cooker and some cups for a cup of tea in the morning. My life was simple.

So after 6 days staying in the hotel I moved into my new place and I loved it. I lived there for about 2 years and I still love the area of Phrakanong. It is within easy reach of the Skytrain and with that in easy reach of all Bangkok. But it is still much more Thailand as Silom, Suriwong or upper-Sukhumvit area. On the main street is always a market with food and fruit. Some weeks later I bought some more things like a TV, Stereo and a standing fan. As I was living alone I did put the mattress on the floor in the living room and used the bedroom as clothing-room.

Within the 2 years living in Bangkok I did temporarily live in Tung Sung in South Thailand. After being a bit tired of living in the big dirty city that Bangkok really is, I took the offer of a Dutch friend of mine to rent his house in the south of Thailand to see how I would like small-village-live in the south. I actually rented a room in a villa on the outskirts of Tung Sung. The house had 3 bedrooms and in 1 other room 2 Thai student girls were living. The house had a big garden and nice view from the balcony over the rice-fields and nearby mountains. But without my own transport and without me speaking or understanding Thai this small village life did seem not the right way for me. So after 2 months I moved back to my old place in Bangkok again, the same room was still free.

2. Three years in Pattaya City

My first house in Pattaya
After a few months back in Bangkok I moved to Pattaya or actually to Naklua which is north of Pattaya. In those days it was almost not connected to Pattaya like it is now. I rented a small one-level town-house for 3000 Thai baht per month. It had a front room as living room, a middle room as bedroom and a back room as kitchen with a bathroom. The house was brand new so I had to buy carpet for the floor and curtains for the window. The front room I used as entrance and parked there the motorbike that I would buy later. The middle room I use as bed- and living room. And the back room I used as clothing room. And I took my hot-water heater from Bangkok and installed it here again.

It was a nice place to live between Thai families and with another Dutch friend of mine in the same street. It was nice until new neighbours had a crying child that was left alone for many hours every day. And another neighbour had about 5 dogs in front and roosters behind. I was bloody tired of all noise and moved to Third Road (Sai Sam) at Pattaya Tai.

My first real house in Pattaya city
It was a free standing Thai style house with a cement ground floor and a wooden first floor with a balcony. Downstairs was a living room, open kitchen and bathroom. Upstairs were 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and a big open space. Although it was free standing it had not much garden or actually only a parking space for 2 motorbikes. The rental fee was 8.500 Thai baht with free water. And I took my hot-water heater and installed it here again. Wooden houses are hot and especially when there are all build in a small street and Pattaya Tai is a busy area (now even much more) and after 9 months I wanted to move out of hectic Pattaya city center.

Our rental rooms in Naklua (Pattaya), Thailand

I liked Naklua and found a brand new apartment building with 8 rooms at Soi 19 of Naklua road. The owner of the apartment building was a nice Thai guy who was living next to the building. I rented 2 apartments next to each other for 4.500 Thai baht per month. Well apartment … it is just one room with a small bathroom and a kind of kitchen area behind the room. But all brand new and well build. And I took my hot-water heater and installed it here again. I lived here for about 2 years and even another Dutch friend of mine became my neighbor. And the owner and his family became friends that we still see and meet after almost 5 years not living there anymore.

3. Six years living at Upcountry Pattaya

Also Naklua became more busy and I was missing some more space and a garden. So I started to look to buy a house. I took me more as 1 year to find the place. It is a simple Thai house that I renovated and upgraded. It has a big living room, 1 office room, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and a half-open kitchen. But the good (and sometimes bad) thing is that it has a huge garden of almost 2300 sqm. And the house is really upcountry about 12 km from Pattaya city. The house is along a not so busy street and all my neighbors are Thai people. And again I took my hot-water heater and installed it here again. But it died after 1 year living here and was finally replaced. But that hot-water heater move to the next place. We bought this house & land, lived here for 6 years and then rented it out for another 5 years. And finally we sold it for a very good price. So we basically lived here for free.

Our upcountry house outside Pattaya, Thailand

4. Five years living in Khon Kaen city

Our rental house in Khon Kaen, Thailand
But the all area of the Eastern Seaboard is growing like crazy and living upcountry (the 7/11 is about 2 km from our house) has its pros and cons. So I wanted to move out of busy & dirty Eastern Seaboard area. And I started to look to places like Chiang Mai, Lampang and Loei. But finally settled for Khon Kaen. Easy for transport with an airport and train station. Easy for western people as there are some western restaurants, there is a Central shopping mall. We did look for houses for rent and did meet a Dutch guy who moved to a brand new housing estate. And accidentally the house next to him was for rent. Brand new with 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, living room, outside kitchen, parking and a small garden. For me the first time in my life to be living in a brand new house. Rental fee was 11.000 Thai baht per month, included village fee what included Cable TV and garbage collection.

Did I arrive in Thailand with 2 suitcases, moved from Bangkok to Pattaya in a taxi and moved around in Pattaya with a small truck. Well moving from Pattaya to Khon Kaen we needed a real big truck. People really collect a lot of junk! Or at least I do. We did plan to live in Khon Kaen city 1 or 2 years and be looking around to buy land there. But that all never happend and we did live for 5 years in Khon Kaen city.

5. Almost 2 years living in a small village in Nan province

Our rental house in Nan, Thailand
But as I am a restless gypsy and was bored of living in the getting busy Khon Kaen city I was looking around to move again. In the past years I had been motorbike riding a lot and came many times in Nan province. I love the mountains and decided to move to Nan province. Now it was difficult to rent a house in Nan town, we have been looking for it about 1 year. And finally we found a house that was actually for sale, but the owners would also rent it out. But not in Nan town, but in a small village 30km north of Nan town. A small village right along the Nan River, with about 150 houses. Although the village is a typically northern Thai mountain village with wooden houses, our house is almost brand new (2 years old). Our house has 2 floors with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 office room, Living room and Kitchen. Rental fee was 8.000 Thai baht per month. Again we plannend to live here 1 or 2 years and be looking around to buy land or house for our future in Nan province. Well that took almost 2 years. I loved living in this village, I have never felt more home in Thailand as in Nan province and in this village. Friendly neighbours that are always ready to help us, give food & fruit or take care our cat.

6. Living in Pua in Nan province

Our rental house in Pua, Thailand
So after about 15 months living in our small village we did find & bought rice field land in Pua. Developing this into our future home will take some time. And as Pua is again 30 km more north of our small village we decided to rent a house in Pua. So our new house 1 floor house has 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, Living room, Kitchen and a small garden. It is located just on the outskirts of Pua town. Rental fee is 3.000 Thai baht per month. So while living here we are working on our future home at our Rice Field land, see the my postings about our Rice Field Project, where we hope to start living begin 2019.

7. Living between the rice fields

Our house between the rice fields of Pua, North Thailand
In May 2019 we moved to our house that we did build between the rice fields of Pua. The house has 1 bedroom, 1 living room, 1 kitchen, 1 master bathroom with shower, separate bathtub and toilet, 1 toilet, 1 storage room. Under the house is a bigger storage room and 1 toilet. After a few months we did build a covered parking and November 2019 we did build a bungalow in the garden to be used for friends and to be used as rental holiday home.

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