Travel Tips : My 5 favorite places of Thailand

Travel Tips Thailand
1. Lampang
Not too busy and with a lot of history. Not too much tourists, mainly Thais from Bangkok. Big part of the town is still in authentic Lanna style. Small streets, good restaurants and rust. It is easy to get there by train or bus. There even is an airport. See Lampang

2. Chantaburi
Again a city with history (once was occupied by the France). Again not a big city but of course much more modern as Lampang. A very beautiful coastline with rivers and empty beaches. At the land side beautiful mountains with waterfalls en impressive nature (about 20 km from the city). And of course many fruits like Durian and Jack fruit. See Chantaburi

3. Koh Samet
Close by for me and although only 3 hours from Bangkok still not very much tourists (like Koh Samui). Clean water & beach, good food. Also easy to get there by bus and a short ferry ride. See Koh Samet

4. Khon Kaen
A relatively modern city, the centre of the Isaan (although also Udon Thani is growing). It has all westerner things like good hotels, shopping mall and restaurants. Even a very nice nightlife. And again easy to get there by bus, train or airplane. But still a real Thai provincial city, there is not much western tourism. See Khon Kaen

5. Wang Nam Keauw
I love nature and mountains. The western side (in direction of Khao Yai) is a bit too much developed with expensive resorts for the hiso Bangkokians, but the eastern side (in direction of Thap Lan) is still very beautiful. For me it is close by and much more beautiful as it Khao Yai (=totally over developed with resorts and even a shopping mall). See Wang-Nam-Keaw

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