Travel Tips : Hotel promotions

How to book your hotel? Make reservations or just walk-in? Book it yourself via internet or use a travel-agent in your home country?

Maybe I am still old fashion but I think that the promotions made on the web-site of a hotel should also be honored to walk-in guests. That is not what some hotels think, like a new hotel at Sukhumvit road in Bangkok, Thailand. As I was on my way to Bangkok I decided to stay for the night and made a call to the hotel. I came to speak with a lovely lady who offered me a rate of 50% discount of the rack-rate, but who pays rack-rates? So she offered me a rate of 2.900 Thai baht, but she actually did not know for sure if that price was nett or ++ (in Thailand that means 10% service charge and 7%VAT extra). OK it was a nett rate. On a side-note I think it is weird to incl. 10% service charge in your price ... that is tip that you should freely decide if you would like to give it depending on the service that you did get.

But wait the web-site promotion rate was 1.499 Thai baht and when I just walk-in then I pay 1.400 Thai baht more? Well not really as the promotion rate is ++ and without breakfast. So the after breakfast for 2 people and tax the promotion rate would be 2.220 Thai baht. Still almost 700 Thai baht cheaper as the walk-in rate.

But I do not like the attitude of having upgraded price for walk-in guests so I just walked-in at my favorite hotel at Sukhumvit road for just 1.800 Thai baht included breakfast for 2 people and free Wifi. But also they had a nice promotion "Stay 1 night, get 1 night free" .... well but the first night you pay the rack-rate and the nights are excl. breakfast. So not much promotion really!

So when you are booking a hotel anywhere as walk-in or via the hotel web-site or via hotel-bookings web-sites check what you are paying for.
  • Is the price nett or ++ ?
  • Is the price incl. breakfast ?
  • Are there other (hidden) extra costs ?
  • Also check what room you get, every hotel has its better and not so good rooms.
  • Is all you need incl. in the price ?
Like some hotel-bookings sites are showing a "promotion" price but later breakfast or tax is added. Or you book a room via a hotel-bookings-site and when you arrive at the hotel you find out that for that price you get the not so good rooms (at end of the corridor, next to the elevator or next to a parking).

Last month I booked a room in a hotel via their own web-site. I checked and checked and booked an "expensive" room but this room had promotion price in the low season and it included a lot of free extra's so in the end it was actually cheaper as the cheaper rooms and then paying for all the extra's.

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