Party at our village near Pattaya

Free eggs for everybody
At our Tambon (district) was a party today. There would be a free concert of  a famous Thai singer and people could get free eggs, free hair cut, free eye check-up and you could bring your cat & dogs for a free birth-control operation. It was planned to begin all at 8:30 in the morning and of course there were also people of the local government to promote their party for the coming elections at 3 July. To be sure that all would be listing people at the register first per house hold and then after 9:30 the free eggs would be given. And after that the free concert would start. In the meanwhile it was bloody hot and most of us did not want to wait and sit there until at whatever time the free concert would begin. So we left the party early and went to the market for some fresh eggs and fruit.

Free haircut also
Free optician
Free veterinarian service
Thai Tea Party

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