Memories of a tour-leader in Thailand (Part 3)

Making jungle food
As part of living in Thailand I did work as tour-leader in South East Asia and being a tour-leader is not always easy. In the previous parts I told you about all the problems in my tours, but there are also very good & funny  memories.

My first time as tour-leader was a bit funny. I had been many times in Thailand and was used to the way Thai people talk English, also called Tenglish. So when our guide started to speak to the group it was clearly to me what he was talking. But after almost 2 days finally someone of the group came to me "Can you please translate the talking of the guide, as most of us do not understand his English?". A new lesson learned for me.

In my group I had once a professional opera singer. And sometimes he would just sing the most beautiful songs in the bus with new texts about our traveling that day. That was truly amazing like I had never seen.

I once had a head of the police force in my group and I told him that two other young guys were also police officers his reaction was "Yes, I thought so already". The stories I heard about the police in my home country made me realize the police in South East Asia is not that much different as in my home country.

I once had a group with all young people and I introduced them to karaoke in the hotel. And that became a ritual to be repeated in every place where we came. We always had a good night out, some did drink a bit too much so they skipped seeing where the bus was driving the next day. Actually the karaoke became so popular that the bus-boy played karaoke cd's on request the rest of the tour.

One of the guest told me he had a fear of water. OK he realized that specially this tour would be a bit full of water traveling. Because we would make a boat trip along rice fields, our hotel could only be reached by boat over the river. And we would go bamboo rafting and much more water fun along the way. Well at the end of the tour and with the help from the all group he even took an wild-water-rafting tour of an half day. And he loved it!

One of the guests had told me already that elephant were the love of his life. He had booked the all tour because of our visit to an elephant camp. And we had just arrived, the door was open ... and he was gone. Walking in between the elephants, touching them ... he was like a child. At the end of the day he wanted to stay. I think he took more photos as the all group together.

Sometimes there is magic between the tour-leader and some of the guests and I did not realize it while on tour but when we ended our tour at the beach it started to dawn on me that one of the solo girls of the group was very attracted to me. And the all group knew already!

The funniest were the 2 young couples. One of the boys had booked the holiday and forget to tell his friends that he had booked an all country tour. Ok we would be ending on the beach. But when after 3 days we left the capital city and I told them that we were going now upcountry by bus their reaction was "Are we not going to the beach now?". And their next disappointment was when I told the ladies that it was very impolite to swim topless in the swimming pool. But they were great guests and at the end they had a great holiday. As long as there was an McDonalds nearby all was fine.

Yes being a tour-leader can be fun! But before that please read the last part next time.

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