Staying at Ruean Kanyarat Hotel revisited in Khon Khon (closed)

Jan'2011 A few months ago I did stay at this hotel along "Bung Kaen Nakhorn" in Khon Kaen city and I was not really impressed. But last week (May 2011) I did stay here again and I must say they did improve on a most things.
  1. A much better breakfast buffet
  2. Carpets in the hallway to make it less noisy
  3. They tried to cover the light coming from under the door (but they used thin plastic)
  4. And as the restaurant next door is closed there is no more music all night
  5. Their own restaurant is now serving good Thai food in their aircon restaurant
The rooms are modern and comfortable with a bit small bathroom with shower. The room has a fridge filled with drinks for very acceptable prices, LCD-tv screen and aicro. And that all for a room price of 800thb incl. breakfast for 2 persons. There is free parking on a private parking. Of course they do not have a swimming pool or garden.

O yes there is free WiFi in all rooms and it is working very good and fast!
Tel. 043-321999

Update  25 June 2012:
Currently the room prices are 900 thb incl. breakfast buffet and free WiFi

Update August 2018 :
The all hotel is gone and end 2019 and Ibis Hotel will be openend.

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