My Application for Extension of Stay in Thailand 2011

This is about staying legally in Thailand and about how to apply for an "Extension of Stay" (EOS). There are many basis's to apply for EOS like Tourism or Retirement but this is about applying on basis of Marriage. And to be more precisely marriage between a foreigner man and a Thai woman. Because as far as I understand the rules for applying for EOS for a foreigner woman and a Thai man are a little bit different. And lets be clear an "Extension of Stay" is NOT a visa. A visa does one obtain at a embassy outside the country for the visa.

Disclaimer : This is how I did my EOS at the immigration office of Chonburi at the sub-department 'Pattaya" in Jomtien in JUNE 2011. As by law any immigration officer has the right to require more documents or information. That my EOS was done like I write does not mean that next time at the same immigration office or at another immigration office it will be done in the same way. This Is Thailand! So before going to apply for an EOS check at your local immigration office if there has been any change in the requirements.

And when you are going to apply for anything at the immigration office (or anything official), just like in any other country ...  be dressed and behave polite. Although it is not a lawful requirement but when people meet you the first time all the see is your outside. And especially in a country like Thailand that makes a different in the way people will approach you.

Like the name of the application says it is an extension of the permit to stay in Thailand that you already have on basis of your visa. So be able to apply for EOS you should have a valid Non-Immigrant "O" visa or at least your current "Entry stamp" should be given on basis of an Non-Immigrant "O" visa. The latter means that your visa does not have to be valid anymore at the moment of application.

As this application for EOS is on basis of marriage you of course have to be legally married by Thai law. This done at the local Amphur which should not be confused with the "marriage for Buddha".

Your first application of EOS should be done about 6 weeks before the end of your current "Entry of Stay". Any following application of EOS should be done 1 or 2 weeks before the end of your current EOS. Your application should be done in the area where your are living.

At the moment of application you need to have at least 400.000 Thai baht at a Thai bank account. For your first application this money needs to be on your bank account for minimal 3 months, for following applications this is 2 months.

  1. Legally married by Thai law
  2. Non-Immigrant "O" visa
  3. 400.000 Thai baht on your bank account
  4. 1900 Thai baht application fee
When applying for the EOS you need to supply 2 sets of documents. One set for the immigration office and 1 set for the immigration in Bangkok who will grant (or not) you the EOS. All papers must be signed by the "owner". So the copy of you passport must be signed by yourself and the copy of your wife's ID-card must be signed by your wife.

You will need to supply the following documents (2 sets)
  1. Application form TM.7 with 1 pas-photo of 4cm*6cm
  2. Copy of the first and second page of the "Blue House Book"
  3. Copy of all used pages of your passport
  4. Copy of your current TM-card
  5. Copy of front and back of your wife's ID-card
  6. Copy of all pages of your current Thai bank account
  7. Copy of "Letter of Certificate" from you Thai bank to confirm that you are the holder of the bank account and to confirm the amount of money on the bank account. This letter must not be older as 3 days.
  8. Copy of Thai marriage certificate Khor 2 and Khor3, both sides each
  9. 3 photos showing you and your wife at your house. One photo in front of the house showing the house number, one photo in the living room and one photo in the bed-room. Put this 3 photos on 1 A4 paper.
  10. Hand made map of the location where you are living
At the moment of application you need to have the following original documents
  1. Your passport + TM-card
  2. Your wife's ID-card
  3. Your bank book
  4. Marriage certificate Khor 2 and Khor 3
  5. Letter of Certificate from your bank
  6. Blue House Book
When we applied the first time they also asked for a witness to prove that we were actually living where we said that we were living. So a neighbor was so kind to join us well dressed and with her Blue House Book and ID-card. As of making the copies, just let the girls at the copy-shop next to the immigration office do that as they know what & how to copy.

Doing the application
  1. Get a que number for application EOS on basis of marriage
  2. Apply at the officer. He/she will check all papers
  3. When all papers OK you will have to contact her/his supervisor
  4. The supervisor will ask you both some questions, but mostly to your Thai wife as she assumes that the foreigner man does not speak Thai. It is a kind of interview.
  5. You both will have to sign a Thai form about the interview
  6. The supervisor will officially accept your application
When your application is accepted you will get a stamp in your passport "Application in consideration" with a date when you have to come back. As long as the application is in consideration you can stay in Thailand. My application was never ready on said date, but it always took 1 or 2 weeks longer. When your application for EOS is approved you will get a stamp in your passport "Extension of Stay" with a date until when you will be entitled to stay in Thailand. This 1 year after the date of application.

Now you can stay in Thailand. But non-Thai staying in Thailand longer as 90 days have to report their current address every 90 days. You need to go to the nearest immigration office and apply form TM.47 "Form for Alien to notify of staying of longer as 90 days".

When you leave and enter Thailand again then this 90days start counting again. But without a re-entry permit your EOS will become invalid. So when you have a EOS and you want to leave Thailand for holiday get yourself an "Re-Entry Permit". To apply for this you will need form TM.8. Actually I would apply for an "Re-Entry Permit" ASAP. There are single, double and multi-entry permits.

And .... do not forget your 90day reporting!

To download the TM.7 application form go

Actually at they have a all list of forms to download

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