On the motorbike to Khao Chamao in Chantaburi

Motorbike Riding in Thailand
A lake in Chantaburi, Thailand

July 2011 It should be raining season but since a week does not rain anymore and it is bloooooooooody hot, between 35 en 38 Celsius. So this morning very early (6.00am) I was on the motor bike for a trip along the coast from Ranyong to Chantaburi. I started my trip again at Khao Mai Keauw and followed Route 331 in direction of Satthahip where I took Sukhumvit road (route 3) in direction of Rayong. Just before Rayong I took a Soi to the seaside and followed the road along the sea behind Rayong city. It is the old part of Rayong and a busy fishing "village" with mangrove forest. For more motorbike trip reports in Thailand see MOTORBIKE TRIP REPORTS. From Rayong I rode along Hat Maiprung beach, Ban Phe (ferry to Koh Samet) and all the way to Klaeang. After Kleang I made up in direction of Khao Chamao National Park where I found a little sala along a beautiful lake with the mountains in the background.

Motorbike Riding in Thailand
A statue along the beach in Rayong, Thailand

Motorbike Riding in Thailand
Fishing boats in Rayong, Thailand

Traveling in Thailand
A little boat in cement, Thailand

Traveling in Thailand
Old car in Thailand

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