No more dinner at Greenleaf Restaurant in Khon Kaen

Aug'2011 Although located totally out of the city almost in the middle of nowhere it shows that if you sell something good it does not matter what your location is. I found it because I was once staying at a nearby resort and I am happy I did find it. The restaurant has both indoor as outdoor seating and is modern decorated with a Isaan touch. The staff is friendly although they should be serving a bit more in the style & quality of the restaurant. The food is a mix of traditional Thai & Isaan food and Western food like pasta or a good steak. And even some TexMex food! The drinking list is a bit short but the Australian wine was good although a bit expensive at 150 thb per glass.

Last night I did eat there together with my wife and a 2 other people. Our partners both did eat Thai food and they both like they food very much. We did order to started dishes and I did eat a very tasteful and delicious lamb steak while my friend ordered a Rib-eye steak European style with wine sauce. I did drink wine and the rest did drink fresh beer from the tap. Our total bill was 2500 Thai baht for 4 persons, incl. fantastic desserts.

Update September 2013 : Since new manager the service seems improved and the food is still good.

Update August 2014 : This was the last time I have been eating there! We go there for a good beefsteak. And it was always good (not very good or fantastic) but both my wife and me were served a very bad quality beefsteak that was both not well cooked also.

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