My 90 day reporting in Khon Kaen

This is about staying legally in Thailand. As of starting to live in Khon Kaen I should actually within 24 hrs report myself to the local police but as I had to do my "90 day reporting" anyway soon I thought "Lets have a look at the immigration office at Khon Kaen".

The Immigration Office is located along Mitthaphap road (route 2) in the northern section within the ring-road of Khon Kaen. Coming from Udon Thani it is just a few hundred meter before the intersection to the University. There are signs along the road. You first pass the entrance gate and turn left and you will see a building with the sign of the Immigration Office. There is a table outside that you can use to fill-out your application form. The Office is on the left side and on the right side is an office where they can make photo copies of anything you need copied (except money I guess).

I walked into the Office and right next to the door is a lovely lady that speaks English and informs you what you need to do. She did give a TM.47 and told me to get photo copies of my passport. So I went outside, filled in my TM.47 and copied my passport. And went back into the Office where I was told to take a cue number, as I did. And within 2 min I was served at counter 3 where a friendly officer who speaks English helped me, checked my papers and stamped my 90 day reporting. Altogether less as 10 min!

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