Flooding in Thailand

As of 25 Oct 2011 and it is just a private opinion .....

I live in Khon Kaen city and have just been traveling over land from the Eastern Seaboard to Khon Kaen. If you are wondering if you should go on holiday to Thailand now the answer is YES, but skip Bangkok and other parts of central Thailand. Be warned that this kind of flooding actually happen every year!

There have been heavy floods due to rain in the North (Chiang Mai, Lampang, Uttatrarit, Chiang Rai, Pai, Mae Hong Song) but that is over now. Of course there might still be some results of the flooding at some places, but the main attraction point of the north (Chiang Mai) is trouble free. Although you should fly in as the train schedule from Bangkok to anywhere is a mess. Chiang Mai airport is an international airport so it can handle flights from abroad. The south of Thailand did not have any serious problems with the current floods so just fly to Phuket, Koh Samui or Krabi. Phuket airport is a international airport so it can handle flights from abroad.

Although the Eastern Seaboard (Pattaya) had some serious flooding also that is all gone and forgotten. It is only 2hr drive from the airport and even Utapao airport is an international airport and they can handle international flights. What rest is the North-East (Isaan) and although there is some flooding around Khon Kaen and Surin there are no serious problems for traveling in the Isaan. But be aware that busses from/to Bangkok are sometimes not going at all or driving another route. Same goes for the train. All airports in Thailand are still operational and probably will stay operational.

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