Staying at Areca Logde in Pattaya

The Areca Logde consists of 3 buildings, the main building in the front (Areca), a second building behind the main building (Corona) and a third building (Evergreen) at the rear end with entrance to the Soi going to Avenue Shopping Mall (at Second rd.) The staff was very friendly and showed & explained to me everything in the hotel and about the renovation. There is free parking next to the Areca building and under the Evergreen building. The Areca & Corona building have free Wifi and the Evergreen building has free LAN-connection in each room. And between the Corona & Evergreen building is a nice swimming pool with deck-chairs and bar. And at the "April" room is served a reasonable good buffet breakfast.

On a personal note I did like the Japanese style bed but not comfortable when getting out of your bed. And my room was very humid when I checked-in and I though that it would go away after using the airco. But it did not go away and I did feel my bed was also feeling very humid. So I asked it to be changed (this to the dislike of the girl of housekeeping). So when I left for dinner I asked an extra key-card so I could have the airco on full blast all the time. When I came back the room was better but still humid. Is this a problem of this room? See

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