Raining season in Thailand

It is raining in Thailand
Wow I have never seen such a long & heavy raining season since I am living in Thailand since media 2000. Although the raining season should be marking its end this month it is actually still in full force. We are lucky to live in a part of Thailand that is not so much effected by the rain and even living in a area of Khon Kaen that is not effected by the rain at all. Well drying your laundry  becomes difficult so as soon as we see a sunny day we do our laundry.

Some people say it is the worst raining season in Thailand since the last 50 years. Well of course not only in Thailand but also Laos, Burma and Cambodia. And like I said we are lucky, but many people in Thailand are not so lucky. Big area's of Central Thailand (Bangkok, Ayuthaya, Sukhothai) are heavily flooded with at some places a few meters of water. And not only effecting personal life as peoples houses but also rice & sugar-cane harvest and factories like Honda cars are effected by the flooding. Toyota & Honda have stopped their production.

The flooding of Bangkok looks a bit like "The chance of anything coming from Mars is a million to one, but still they come" (War of the World) .... "Bangkok will not have water flooding, it is protected" ... but well still it is flooded now! Well if you are traveling to Thailand check the area's where you are planning to go but although the flooding is a serious thing it not effects all Thailand. At the current situation only Central & North Thailand.

I was just a few days in Pattaya and no problems whatsoever, although daily some rain. I did ride 500km to Khon Kaen and did not have any real problem with flooding, although at some places the water is very near the road and many rice-fields are flooded. I am living in Khon Kaen city and this area of the city has no flooding at all, although some other parts of the city do have mild flooding. Surivabhumi airports and they nearby roads seems not (yet?) to be effected by flooding. If you want to know the weather forecast of Thailand,  have a look at the web-site of "Thai Meteorological Department" who are doing a good job (but nobody took the effort of using it?) For more about the weather in Thailand see Thailand Weather Department

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