Application of a Schengen visa at the Dutch Embassy in Bangkok

I do hear & read many times about problems about getting an short-stay Schengen visa. And out of personal experience I do not think that it is that difficult. I also hear & read many times about problems with the the Royal Dutch Embassy in Bangkok. Also out of personal experience I do not understand that as I never had any real problems.

And although if you read & search on internet you can find all the information I will try to explain all you need to apply & get an short-stay Schengen visa at the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Bangkok. Be aware that this is the procedure in 2011!

And remember .... you do not need a "service office" to apply & get a visa, you (or your Thai partner) can do it all by yourself.

Needed documentation
1. Application form
2. Two passport photos of 2inch with white background
3. Passport (must be valid at least 3 months after returning)
4. Letter of Guarantee
5. Proof of financial means of the guarantor
6. Copy passport of guarantor
7. Proof of medical travel insurance
8. Proof of flight reservation
9. Personal letter of invitation and explanation of relationship
10. Copy of all mentioned documents include copy of previous visas

See Visa for the Netherlands (Schengen visa)
and Needed documents
Application form can be downloaded here
Letter of guarantee can be downloaded here
See list of approved travel insurance companies in Thailand here

Make an appointment to apply for the visa
In the good old days you just walked in or called the embassy. That is over now.
Now you have to contact an external company (VFS Global) to make an appointment and you have to pay for it! It seems a bit complicated but actually it is not.

1. Pay 275 Thai baht fee at your nearest "Bank of Ayudhya" (take copy of passport with you)
2. Wait for 1 working day and then schedule an appointment here
3. After successful making an appointment you will receive an email confirming your appointment date and time

When scheduling your appointment you can choose the date that you want to come.

See sample of paying slip here
For how to schedule the appointment via VFS see here

Apply for the Schengen-visa
1. The applicant has to perform the application him-/herself at the Embassy of the Netherlands in
2. Take all needed original documents and copy of all documents with you
3. Apply and pay the application fee (60 Euro) in cash in Thai baht

For location see

Get you passport again
As soon as your application is processed by the embassy they will send your passport by EMS to your house. As soon as it is send VFS will send you an email to confirm that your passport is send and you can track your EMS package at

Normally processing the application takes 3 to 5 working days. In our case the passport was send the day after the application, so within 1 day. EMS package should take 1 or 2 days within Thailand.

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