Staying at Irish Clock Hotel in Udon Thani

Nov'2011 Big rooms with real furniture and private bathroom with rain-shower only. Rooms have air-con, mini-bar, and TV. Of course no swimming pool but there is free Wifi all over the hotel. Actually it is more a Irish restaurant with a guesthouse upstairs. It all looked fine until .....

It seems the room doors can not be safety locked from the inside, so anyone with a key can come inside while your are sleeping. When paying I saw a remark on the bill "Unregistered guest costs 200 Thai baht" and no remark about that when I check-in ..... I hate that bullshit! OK I did sleep good but be aware that this hotel is in a street full of bars that make music and that at least my room was not sound-proof (worse I could hear people speak on the street). And you need to pay deposit of 100 Thai baht for they key of the room. And I did see the problem coming .... I like to check-out early and at 7:45 there was nobody! No security guard, no front-desk and the all restaurant was still dark as night. So forget an early breakfast. So it took me a while to have someone find someone to give me back my deposit for the bloody key. As of the restaurant the food was good and not expensive. So as of Irish food or other western food I could recommend the restaurant. See

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