Loy Kratong 2011 in Khon Kaen

I celebrated Loy Kratong about 12 years ago in Sukhothai as an amazing spectacle and a few years later in metropolis Bangkok as huge and crowded celebration of the festival of water. Much later I celebrated Loy Kratong on the beach of Pattaya and later again in my small village just outside Pattaya. It all has its charm in another way. This year I celebrated Loy Kratong together with my wife at Bung Kean Nakhorn in Khon Kaen city.

It is a lake in the city Khon Kaen with a kind of park around it where every evening people come together to chat, play petong, ride a bicycle or are just there to be seen. On a day as this there are of course much more people and many sell kratongs and "floating lanterns" (Khom Fai). So we bought our kratong for 30thb and with our blessing and asking for forgiveness for abusing the water we did put our kratong in the lake that slowly did fill up with hundreds or maybe thousands of kratongs.

After that we bought a "floating lantern" and lighted the candle to heat the lantern to make it float high in the beautiful black sky above the lake. And while watching our lantern floating higher and higher the sky filled up with thousands of lanterns. It was a most beautiful and relaxed Loy Kratong in typical Thai way with music, food, children and even monks floating their lantern. See Loi_Krathong or Festivals_loykratong