Visiting the Prasat Puay Noi in Pueai Noi

Visiting the Prasat Puay Noi in Pueai Noi
While on the way back home from a friend we made a small side-seeing tour and followed the signs "Pueai Noi" where the ancient Khmer temple ruin "Puay Noi" is (please notice the different writing of the name). Coming from Khon Kaen city just follow route 2 south (in direction of Nakon Ratchasima) and at Ban Phai take a left turn to route #23 and at Hin Tan take a right turn to route #2301 and follow that until you see a sign for Pueai Noi following route #2297. The prasat is on your right hand side just before the village (while on your left hand side is a small lake). See location tag.

It is not a big complex and consists only of 1 structure with 3 main buildings. But it is in very good and beautiful state, well worth a visit if you are in the area anyway. I love to visit the old Khmer ruins that are actually all over what we now call Thailand., even up to Sakhon Nakhon you find ancient Khmer ruins! See Puay Noi

Visiting the Prasat Puay Noi in Pueai Noi

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