Dinner at Cho Wang Puu Restaurant in Khon Kaen

It might be a bit difficult to find as the restaurant is behind the parking place that is right along the road. Well it is 50m north of a huge sauna with bright neon lights. At the entrance they keep the sea-food fresh in water-tanks and you can choose the food that you want to eat. The all restaurant is situated around a pound with a the main restaurant all the way behind but with some other smaller kind of sala's to enjoy dinner in privacy with friends. Of course it is all out-door seating. There even is (not too loud) live music.

It was the first time that we did eat here, but they have a good selection of Thai sea-food dishes (menu in Thai and English). I did eat "fish with vegetables in sweet & sour sauce" that had for my personal taste a bit too much sauce. But the fish tasted good. My wife did eat "Yam Hoi Kreng" which was according to my wife a bit tasteless. As starter we had "Kung Keang Tod" and this was the best dish as the kung (shrimp) were big, tasty and the they were friend in clean & fresh oil. Together with 1 Leo, 1 Coke and 1 Water we paid about 500 Thai baht.

Re-visited ...
Last night we had dinner here again and it is much better as I thought it is. The crab was great, the staff attend and the location great! The quality of the seafood is actually very good. We will be back again soon.

Re-visited again ...
And the food was not good, the service not good ... last time we did eat here. Later we heard that the place has been sold.

Update March 2015
Actually since more as a year it is totally gone and moved to a location along the ring-road of Khon Kaen. We had dinner there once and we were not impressed. So much not that we will not come back there anymore.

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