Sight seeing at Mukdahan

 Sight seeing at Mukdahan - Thailand
Phu Pha Thoep in Mukdahan, North-East Thailand

Nov'2011 While we visited friends of us in Mukdahan we were guided to a few points of interest. Well fist of all there is of course the "Indo-China market" along the riverfront at the center of town, starting directly south of the Immigration Office. Now there is a bride connecting Thailand and Laos (just north of Mukdahan city) but before that the main crossing point (by boat) was here at Mukdahan (Thailand) to SavannaKhet (Laos) and thus along the riverfront a market has developed with all the things imported from Laos, China and Vietnam (as from here it is not such along journey to Vietnam). Well I am not really an market-fan-boy anymore but if you like markets this is a fun market to visit. See Mukdahan_Province and Muk SightseeingPlace.

So a bit too late in the morning we went to Mukdahan National Park (= entrance fee) also called "Phu Pha Thoep" to walk over a kind moon landscape of rocks with beautiful flowers. Just after entrance is the visitors centre with good toilets and something to eat & drink. Then you walk up to to the main level of the rock plateau while passing beautiful rock formation created by corrosion of wind & rain. From the top you have a beautiful view of the all area. See Touring Mukdahan and TourThailand Mukdahan

In Thai only "Dangerous! Deep ravine"

After that it was time to visit the view point from where you a have beautiful view over Mukdahan city, the Mekong river and Laos. Well of course it is not only a view point but actually first of all the location of "Wat Roi Phra Bat" and a kind of pilgrims place to visit for Thai and Lao people. See Mukdahan and