Translation from Thai to English and visa-versa

While living here or in relationship with a Thai partner you might suddenly be in need of a translation of letters or documents. And not just an translation but an translation for official use.

As you probably will know official translations must be legalized by the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs at Cheng Wattana. And of course you can do it all yourself and get it done a bit cheaper but it will cost you a lot of time and traveling.

To avoid that I use 'VM Translation Service", they have officially recognized translators and can also take care of the legalization of the translation. They are experienced in their job and know what to do and what documents you will need for it. And what better, I just call them and they come to my hotel in Bangkok to pickup all the papers, take care of translation and send it back to me or to any other place that need the translated paperwork.

Expensive? Not really I think, but of course you pay for the translation and you pay for the extra service as to pickup the papers and sending the papers by EMS service. But then again it saves me a lot of time and traveling. I did all myself the first time and did meet "VM Translations" who then only did the translation for me. Later I figured out it is much easier to save myself time and taxi costs my let them do it all.

One page (one side) of translation costs 300 Thai baht (simple official document).
Sending back by EMS 4 original pages + translations costs 100 Thai baht.
Service fee for getting the legalization of MFA was 200 Thai baht.
Service fee for coming to my hotel was also 200 Thai baht.

So if you are in need of translation service with a plus and professional service just contact

Khun Rung at
V.M. Translation Service
Mobile : 087-0173329 or 089-5152502
Email :

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