Travel Tips : Do you need a car or mini-van with driver?

Last time I needed a taxi from Survharnabhumi Airport and called a friend of mine who always used a transport-company to arrange his taxis. So when I arrived at the airport a driver was waiting there for me with a clear sign with my name and he took over my luggage and we walked to his car. Although not a brand new one but a still very good and clean Toyota Camry.

As I just had a long haul flight done I needed some sleep and after 20min driving I knew that my driver would be a good & save driver and I felt ensured enough to take a nap in the car. It was a long ride in the night with rain, but my driver clearly awake all the time and did not make any dangerous movements and did not drive too fast (or too slow). And although his home base is Pattaya he can transport you all over Thailand and has more cars and mini-vans that can be used. So if you need a trustful and save driver to bring you anywhere just call him!

Khun Trinetr Nilarak
Mobile : 081-4966153

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