Not Staying at Hotel One in Rotterdam, Netherlands

Lets start with saying "I was not pleased" ... no the rooms were not that bad, but I expected more for a 4-star hotel of that price located in a beautiful old Dutch townhouse. The good things were very friendly & service minded staff, the free Wifi internet and the simple but good breakfast buffet. And depending on your likes the location is also great just on the corner of China Town. But you think that the hotel is in that beautiful old Dutch townhouse, but that is only where the entrance and breakfast room are. The rooms are above the Japanese 'Sumo" next door. Not that the restaurant did bother me, but the small hallways with many corners and doors did bother me. Just as the very small old lift did bother me. And here was proven that nice design and expensive materials like a huge bathtub still do not make a 4-star hotel. The curtains did close so bad that we could almost read a book at night. We could hear the person above us walking in his room. The towels were old and the bed-sheets were not really 100% clean. And the only way to get the bathroom dry after showering was to open de door always. And the bathroom was so poorly lighted that using the the dark-grey showering-curtain made you feel like there was no light at all. And the room-door had clearly signs of breaking-in.

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