Eating at Pet Thai Restaurant in Maastricht, Netherlands

Jan'2012 A small informal Thai restaurant in Maastricht center serving Thai and Isaan food made by an authentic Thai cook from the Isaan. Whenever in Maastricht with my wife we HAVE to eat here. And that is not only because she has not been eating Thai food for while but because the food is good! Of course standard the food is prepared in western style (not too spicy), but on request it is made Thai style (hot to very hot). Only one thing stays western style and that are the sizes of the dishes .... they are big! Too big for us as we are used to smaller Thai style size dishes. So if you are missing Thai food or your Thai partner gets "home-sick" just go to this restaurant and all will be fine. As said "informal" so neck-ties are forbidden! The restaurant is very popular so reservation is recommended! Great place to come back and highly recommended! See Petthai

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