Pattaya Days are here again

Pattaya Days

While a bit surfing the web I found a very nice web-blog about "ordinary life in an extra-ordinary place" with beautiful photos of life behind the in-famous city of Pattaya. The web-blog is made by an Pattaya resident with a different view of life, and actually a very pleasant different view of life. And it shows that you can make so many different photos of the same street (and even at the same time) but still they show a totally different street. Are photos the reality? Actually it is not only about daily life in Pattaya but also about camera's and camera's technique. I am missing a bit the days that I took the effort to walk around with my good old fashioned Pentax ME-super. Now using a Olympus SP-550 and yes it has its short-comings so seeing this new type of camera's again I am tempting .... Actually after reading the web-blog again today and yesterday it made me realize it is very nice reading in a very well written way (a bit jealous). And not only the writings of the blogger but also the comments. Thanks Spike! Well have a look at Pattaya Days

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