Dinner at Wine Together Restaurant in Khon Kaen

Nov'2012 While driving in Khon Kaen I saw the opening of a new restaurant. It is a bit out-of-the-way location on the road behind the RAM Hospital going to the University.

It is the typically Thai pub style with a nice open garden with seating and some seating inside (for the raining season). As their name suggests they have a huge wine collection, although in the English menu the wine collection is a bit limited. The wine is from USA, Australia, Chili, France, Italy and even Thai but a bit expensive (even for Thai standards).

And of course they have a live band and not the standard kind of live band, but with real saxophone, guitar and contra-bass. So they started out with relaxed jazzy kind of music with a sound-level that makes talking still possible. I love that! A bit a pity that later they started they a bit meaningless Thai pop music.

At ordering our drinks it did go like always in Thai pubs, you can drink expensive whisky, beer or soda. So too bad they did only serve bottles of wine and no other kind of drinks. This is really something that starts to irritated me in Thai pub restaurants that act like they are top-level restaurants but are to lazy to serve their customers.

We ordered "fried chicken in herbs" and "friend squid" as starters and "steamed fish in lemon sauce" as main dishes. While we enjoyed our starters and the music we started to wonder after 20 min where our main dish was? The staff checked the kitchen and came back "sorry we do not have squid" ... well that is good because we ordered fish! So 30 min after serving our starters they still had to begin with our main dish! No way!

So we canceled our main dish and asked to pay and of course our canceled and never served main dish was still on the check! So back again for a new check. All so typically Thai. Well, as the restaurant has just opened I hope they will do better in the near future so we can have a try again because the starters were good and the all atmosphere was very nice. Although also the staff had to learn a bit more correct service. So if you are in the mood for wine, food and some music .... wait a few weeks and go to "Wine Together".

As I did and recently we had dinner here again and I must say it seems that they have improved serving-wise and food-wise. I had one of the best "German Pork Leg" (Eisbein) I had in an long time. Much better as at the German beer-house of the Pullman. So good I came back this week for another "German Pork Leg".

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