Having dinner at The Wishing Tree Resort near Khon Kaen

Feb'2012 Located about 10 km south of Khon Kaen city. Serving Thai & Italian food, with both Outdoor & Indoor seating. See location tag. Web-site : Wishing Tree Resort KK

Last night we had dinner at the restaurant of "Wishing Tree Resort". It is located a bit in the middle of nowhere but there are good sign along the all road to find it. Although must be said that in the dark it becomes a bit more difficult. It was a quite Sunday evening so when we entered the restaurant we were the only people there. But the service and the food was no less.

We were welcomed by a friendly, very professional staff and were shown the very extensive drinking menu with cocktails, beer, whiskey and wine. My wife started with Leo beer and I ordered a "Mai Thai", which was very good. As starter we ordered a delicious "Slightly fried mushroom" and I must say I have never eaten such a good way of cooking mushrooms. As main dish I ordered an thin Thai style pizza. And it was not Thai style in the way as pizza's from the fast-food chains here. And although I would also not say it was an authentic Italian pizza it was again delicious! Even worse I did eat the all pizza, something I normally never do. My wife did order "Laap kai" (minced chicken salad) of what she first complain that it was not spicy but in the end she needed more Leo beer to stop the fire.
So we had a great dinner at a nice location and the food was great! So if you are in the mood for good food, friendly service and some romance then the 'Wishing Tree Resort" is the place to go! For 1 starter, 2 main dishes, 2 Leo beer and 1 Mai Tai we paid 1170 Thai baht. Not cheap but good value for your money I think. And next time we have to check out the resort itself because that looked also very nice. 

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