Two days in Pattaya

Traveling in Pattaya
Pattaya, Thailand

Now living in upcountry Khon Kaen for about 6 months we were invited for a party of a friend in Pattaya so we made a 2 days holiday trip to the eastern seaboard. And of course my wife was happy to meet her friends again and eat all kind of weird things that have been dead for at least a few weeks. And after not being in Pattaya for "only" 6 months you see a lot of changes and suddenly see things different. First of all .... wow what is (or has become) Pattaya a busy city full of traffic. And how tourism has changed over the years. When I came to live in Pattaya about 10 years ago (in 2002) you would hardly see family tourists with their kids. Now it seems that the majority of the tourists are husband & wife with their kids and many times even with baby's. And would the most tourists 10 years ago come from Europe and the USA that is now Russia, China and India. And did I mentioned it already .... busy!

And would the tourists 10 years ago be happy smiling tourists, now you see older couples who seem actually not to enjoy their stay here and walking back to their hotel with a kind of tired grim on their face. And did I mentioned it already ..... busy! And would 10 years ago all the staff in restaurants and shops be Thai, now you see more and more foreigners working here. Are there still Thai people in Pattaya? Well some things do stay the same with many badly dressed tourists. Well the party was great, although the host was almost deadly sick of the flu. And I am sure my wife has been eating for the rest of the week. One thing was a bit of a disappointment for us, that "Cafe Chili" at Central had pulled the plug and is gone.

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