Travel Tips : Roads in South East Asia

First I wanted to title this "The dangers of riding in Thailand" but then I realized that this kind of dangers are common all over South East Asia. So you are riding on a beautiful road in the mountains like you see on the photo above. It is great riding on your motorbike or driving in your car. A smooth road and beautiful views. The tarmac is smooth, there are lines along the road and even signs for sharp curves. But be careful taking it for granted .... it can suddenly change. Although I must say the road-workers are much quicker and better with putting up signs in case there is a problem with the road. But suddenly the road might end up like the second photo. And then you are still lucky because .... there is a road! Road conditions are 1 of the reasons not to drive/ride in the dark. But also in day-time you should be aware of the fact that road conditions can change suddenly (and not for the better) and sometimes totally without any warning. Well, a warning could be a branch of a tree on the street. If it is old and dry there is probably nothing going on ..... if it is fresh and green there could be a recent landslide or accident. Drive & ride safe!