99 eggs in Phetchabun

Offering for good luck in Phetchabun, Thailand

For some reason beyond me, a while ago at the City Pillar of Phetchabun my wife made the promise that if her luck would come thru she would make a offer at this same City Pillar. Well it seems it did so this morning very early we left from Khon Kaen to Phetchabun. I like traveling and the journey thru the mountains of Nam Nao National Park is beautiful. The City Pillar is in the centre of Phetchabun and is easy to find as there are signs for it. Logical-wise I excepted a pillar, but it is more a Chinese temple, with 2 shrines where people make offerings and ask for good luck. And yes of course there are lotteries for sale! One of the 2 small pillars, full of "golden" leafs put there by people making offerings. Well people do not only offer food like eggs but also pig-heads and drinks. And of course incense-sticks and candles. Of course there has to be a lucky number so my wife did give 99 eggs. And we were not the only people doing so! As we all know that the city pillar is not going to eat the food, the food is very practically taken home and given away to people.

After all the offerings there is of course another thing to do. There is a kind of "lucky number pot", mostly in the color red and made of bamboo. And it contains bamboo sticks with all different numbers on it. People take the pot in their hands and ask for good-luck and then start to shake the pot utile 1 little stick falls out of it (by luck). Sounds easy, right? Well I tried a few times and first nothing happens and then at least 5 sticks fall out. But well the number is matched with a numbered printed sheet which tells you about your future. My wife did this many times and as I do not believe in this nonsense I make sure I am not a part of it. If it makes her happy "alai kedai" (up to you). But once I took the effort to read at least 10 different future predictions. And guess what most of them are all good depending on how you read them. Some are actually almost the same with just different words.

Eggs & Pig heads at the City Pillar in Phetchabun - Thailand