No dinner at Krua Rim Nam Restaurant in Khon Kaen

April 2012 As eating outdoors in Thailand is not so expensive as in Europe we do eat many times outdoors. Living new in Khon Kaen city we do not know much good restaurants yet. So it was good to hear that my wife had dinner with a friend at a restaurant with good food. So last night we went there .... "Krua Rim Nam" located behind the KKU along the street just before the Tesco/Lotus-Extra. Very romantically located along a small lake with outdoor seating.

We ordered 2 starters and 1 main dish. And well we were not in a hurry so we enjoyed our starters and drink. But after about 20min other tables were having their food served and our main-dish was still not served. So my asks one of the staff about it and after a blank look the answer was "we not have chicken anymore". What the duck? We order a dish and wait for more as 20min and then the staff suddenly remembers they do not have the food we ordered!! And without a blink, not even saying "Sorry". I HATE HATE HATE this bullshit!

So without a doubt I ask to pay for the food we had and leave this restaurant and will never NEVER come back here. Too bad because it did look like a good restaurant in a nice setting but I get so bloody sick of those restaurants / staff who really do not give a hoot about the people paying their salaries. So we moved to another restaurant along that small lake where we still had a pleasant time with friendly staff and some good food.

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