Sunrise at Phu Kho at Nam Nao National Park

Traveling in Thailand
Sunrise at Phu Kho at Nam Nao National Park, North-East Thailand

While driving from Chumphae to Lomsak over route 12 you are more or less going thru Nam Nao National park. And while following this beautiful twisty road thru the beautiful mountains you are passing a "Sunrise viewpoint" at Phu Kho. Going to Lomsak it is on your right hand side and there are some (small) signs. Don't drive to fast and you have to come very early! You can park your car down at the beginning of a short but steep walking path up-to the actually view point.

After walking up you enter a natural plateau from where you have a magnificent view of Nam Nao National park with a beautiful red glow from the sunrise. Well we were a little bit too late but still breathtaking ... one of the simple things I enjoy very much. There are some bamboo benches to sit, relax and enjoy the sunset. But to give you a better view they have build a view-point-tower.

Looks quite impressive so I started to climb up, but already at the first level I did not trust the steel-construction and at the second level I thought "This is stupid", made a photo shot and did go down again. Another weird experience at that moment was the temperature. When we left Khon Kaen it was 4:30 in the morning and 27degree Celsius. At sunrise high in the mountains it was 19degrees Celsius, while arriving in Khon Kaen in the afternoon it was 37degrees Celsius! What a differences!

Going up?